From the winter tail weekend on Italy, snow and cold return: here is where

Atlantic disturbances will hit our peninsula more widely

The weather on Italy is getting worse in the coming days. As early as the next few hours, the first weak infiltrations of humid Atlantic air will reach Sardinia and our Tyrrhenian side, bringing mild bad weather. In short, the spring sun does not last. The great absent, found, resurrected Atlantic perturbations, however, will hit our peninsula in a more widespread way only from tomorrow, with the return of snow and cold in the mountains in the center-south.

During the weekend, a cyclone is expected to move from Algeria to Libya and the persistence of a humid Atlantic flow from the west: further snowfalls are expected, again in the center-south, with snow levels falling to 300-400 meters. But the real surprise, the first real masterpiece of the newly discovered Atlantic perturbations could be accomplished Tuesday 8 March with abundant snow also in the plains in the center-north. Indeed, the displacement of high pressure towards Norway will not only open the door to Atlantic perturbations, but will also act in a second way: it will create a direct Russia-Italy corridor on the anticyclonic eastern flank.

In fact, next week the descent of icy currents from the White Sea towards the Mediterranean is expected: the eventual collision between the two Titans, the Russian arctic air and the mild Atlantic air, could cause abundant snowfalls to the plains. Andrea Garbinato, Editorial Manager, confirms that new snowfalls are expected tomorrow, spreading over 600 meters in the center-south; on Saturday the snow will fall mainly in the south up to 300-400 meters of altitude, while between Sunday and Monday morning we will have a meteorological respite. Truce that will come in anticipation of the event of the new week: the meeting in Italy between the Russian currents and the Atlantic disturbance entered by the Pillars of Hercules, a meeting that, as mentioned, could give us a very important weather event.


Thursday 3. In the north: hazy sky, clouds and some drizzle on the Ligurian Levante. Center: often overcast sky, showers over upper Tuscany. South: very cloudy at first, then overcast.

Friday 4. In the north: unstable in Emilia, snow in Trentino. In the center: scattered rains and snow over 600 meters. In the south: bad weather arriving in the afternoon with rain and light snowfalls above 1000 meters.

Saturday 5. In the north: snow on the Piedmont hills. In the center: snowfall on the Apennines above 300-600 meters, then it improves. In the south: bad weather with rain and snow over 500 meters. Trend. partial improvement on Sunday; next week, colder weather and more snow at low altitudes.