From umbrellas to umbrellas, after the endless summer the rains return

From Friday 4 November everything changes, with snow in the Alps up to 1500 meters and bad weather also arriving in the south

The long summer 2022 will end everywhere this week. The subsidence of the African anticyclone will allow the entry of Atlantic impulses with rains already in the next few hours in the North-West and on Tuscany then downhill towards the rest of Italy. In the next few days a summer remnant will resist only in the South: at least until Friday morning the sun could bring a further anomalous heat, continuing the third October in the new month: it would thus be a November, a summer-like phase with highs up to at 29 ° C. The current record of heat for the month of November is 30 ° C in Sicily, who knows if this value will be beaten.

Antonio Sanò, director and founder of, confirms, beyond any record of November heat, that the news of the day is the return of the rains on Italy. If the trajectory of the perturbations is confirmed, we expect torrential rains next Friday 4 November: a historic date with the 1966 flood in Florence and the Northeast, a date that normally sees the arrival of intense cyclones: 2022 will not he would like to disfigure with climatology and is preparing to become perturbed in the week.

The models foresee for Friday the formation and deepening of a low pressure on the Ligurian Sea, what in meteorological jargon is called Genoa Low: the transit of this cyclone on the still warm Italian sea, and further heated by the hottest All Saints Bridge of history, it could cause violent storms in particular on the Tyrrhenian sector. But given that there are still 4 days to go before the appointment with Genoa Low, let’s first focus on the next few hours.

All Saints will pass with the first closing of the umbrellas and opening of the umbrellas: between Liguria and Piedmont we will have rains in extension towards Valle d’Aosta and Tuscany; Rainfall is also expected towards Lombardy while from Grosseto downwards the weather will still be summer-like. Even on this first day of November, the celebration of the glory and honor of all the Saints will take place with 28-29 ° C in Sardinia, Sicily, Calabria, Basilicata and Puglia. A true, historic November, never happened in this form in Italy: a phase with temperatures 10 degrees higher than the average, an exceptional and historical period that has persisted for months now and will continue for the day of the Saints and, as mentioned, in the South also for the commemoration of the dead.

From 4 November everything will collapse, with snow in the Alps up to 1500 meters and bad weather also arriving in the south: the turning point of 2022 that sooner or later had to arrive.

Today, Tuesday 1 November – In the north: rains in the Northwest. Center: many clouds and some rain over Tuscany; overcast sky in Sardinia, partly cloudy elsewhere. South: the phase of absolute atmospheric stability continues with a short November.

Tomorrow, Wednesday 2 November – In the north: isolated rain showers on Liguria and then in Veneto .. In the center: rain showers on upper Tuscany, sunny or veiled elsewhere. In the south: still November with sun and heat. Thursday 3. In the north: rising clouds with rain towards the north-west, intense from late evening. In the center: rains on the Tyrrhenian, veiled elsewhere. South: last day of November with sun and heat.

Trend: bad weather on Friday 4 from North to South with a deepening cyclone on the Ligurian Sea; snowfalls are expected at 1500 meters in the Alps, at higher altitudes in the Apennines.