From UniCal honorary degree to Klaus Algieri

The University of Calabria, Department of Business and Legal Sciences, today conferred an honorary degree in business administration and management to a leading player in Calabrian entrepreneurship and intermediate bodies: Cav. Klaus Algieri. The ceremony was held at 16:00, in the “Beniamino Andreatta” Aula Magna and was broadcast in live streaming on the UniCal YouTube channel.

The graduation ceremony to Algieri, president of Confcommercio Cosenza and Confcommercio Calabria, of the Chamber of Commerce of Cosenza, vice president of national Unioncamere and former president of Unioncamere Calabria, opened with the greetings of the rector Nicola Leone which was followed the presentation of the candidate by Professor Alfio Cariola, Director of the Department of Business and Legal Sciences; after the laudatio, entrusted to professor Franco Rubino, coordinator of the degree course in business economics and management, Algieri gave a lectio magistralis on the topic “The role of intermediate bodies in territorial governance”.

In his lectio, Klaus Algieri described his point of view and his idea of ​​an intermediate body, as a “place where a common project is expressed, a joint orientation towards a shared future, a plural subject that creates public value by returning resources to the territory, building networks, enhancing human resources and being itself an example of responsibility and transparency. “

Born in Duisburg (Germany) on 11 February 1963 in a family of petty-bourgeois background, Cav. Algieri is a third generation entrepreneur in the automotive sector and has also been active for some time in the insurance, real estate, agricultural, tourism and private construction sectors. In 1982, at the age of 19, he began working in the family business operating in the car sales sector as a Lancia, Citroen and Autobianchi dealership, laying the foundations for what would later become, thanks to his contribution, one of the main Calabrian entrepreneurial realities in the car trade and after-sales service sector, capable of expressing its bargaining power even towards the most prestigious car manufacturers. In an area where “doing business” means facing difficulties that, compared to other areas of the country, often multiply not only the complexity but also the riskiness, the intense entrepreneurial activity and the institutional commitment carried out over time by Klaus Algieri. currently management responsibilities at multiple levels and in multiple sectors, as well as an intense activity of representation within the most representative intermediate bodies of the local and national economic and productive world, from employers’ associations, with Confcommercio, to the Chamber of Commerce system , in which he has held top positions in system companies and in Unioncamere itself for several years.

Among those present at the ceremony for the awarding of the honorary degree, in addition to family members and closest collaborators, also several representatives of local institutions.