From UnicoGO the first vending machine ‘converted’ from hydrocarbons to electric

The first service area completely dedicated to recharging electric cars opens in Naples

It comes there first service area completely dedicated to recharging electric cars, a petrol station converted and transformed in favor of the new generation of passenger cars. The ribbon cutting took place today in the presence of the Mayor of Naples, Gaetano Manfredi, and an exceptional guest, Raoul Bova, a great supporter of the sustainable mobility. The initiative brings together the Mostra d’Oltremare and UnicoGO.

The area, reads a note, is dedicated exclusively to car charging through the installation of superfast stations by starcharge, one of the most innovative global players on the market; two columns with a futuristic, smart design, compatible with all vehicles, each with 2 charging sockets with a power capacity of up to 360kWh.

In fact, UnicoGO responded to the expression of interest called by the Mostra d’Oltremare for the assignment of the area in Viale JF Kennedy, a decommissioned and reclaimed petrol station, in order to enhance the environmental and livability aspects of the spaces by exploiting innovative technologies in the field of sustainable mobility, with the main objective of offering a service to citizens.

The project, created by the architect Giovanni Bartolo, is a “green refurbishment” project: the conversion of combustible energy into electricity, together with the eco-sustainability of the materials, represent the true ecological key for the environment.

The lighting fixtures are low-consumption LED lamps and everything, continues the note, is supported by photovoltaic panels. The Jersey barrier, originally a construction site fence, was reused as a support for the vertical garden. In nature nothing is created and nothing is destroyed but everything is transformed. In our case it was believed in a transformation of the “energy-intensive present” into a “more sustainable and ecological future”. If the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams, in our case the future of energy is not a dream but a reality, and it is already our present.

“We are thrilled that this project, which we have taken care of down to the last detail, has started. A service that adapts to the needs of electric drivers who, in a strategic point of the city of Naples, will be able to recharge in a fast and smart way” declares Aldo Arcangioli – CEO of UnicoGO.

The President of the Mostra D’Oltremare, Remo Minopoli expresses great satisfaction: “An intuition that has become reality. Naples and the Exhibition now have an extra gear, green, thanks to UnicoGO. The first national example of regeneration of a refueling area. I hope that this virtuous action can become a model to follow for the countless abandoned fuel stations throughout the country.”

Also Maria Caputo, Managing Director of the Mostra D’Oltremare she is satisfied: “Proud of this goal which responds to the objectives set by this Board of Directors, i.e. relaunching all the spaces of the Exhibition and embarking on a 360-degree sustainability process. The area that we are inaugurating today has been valorised after years of neglect and this has made it possible to create a new economic value for the Exhibition and offer a new service to citizens”, she explains.

“Naples, the seaside city par excellence, which overlooks an enchanting gulf lays the foundation for the green development of urban areas, with the creation of an oasis entirely dedicated to sustainable mobility with particular attention to electricity. An applause to this initiative which we hope will be a stimulus to spread this culture even more in maritime navigation and in any case in the logistics connected to it” he comments Roberto Minerdo President of the National Observatory for the Protection of the Sea Ontm.