From Wanda Nara to Paola Turani: where our VIPs spent the Christmas holidays

From Wanda Nara to Paola Turani: where did our dear VIPs spend the Christmas holidays? What we discovered from their social profiles.

The holiday season is coming to an end. In a few days, we welcome a new year. And, after this moment, holidays can be considered completely over. How did you spend these days? Have you preferred to stay with your family or in the company of your loved ones or have you granted yourself a short vacation?

From Wanda Nara to Paola Turani: where the VIPs celebrated Christmas. Photo Source: Instagram

So how did you choose to spend these Christmas holidays? Some of our VIPs, as their social channels testify, have chosen to unplug for a few days and devote themselves completely to something else. Are you curious to find out how they spent these holidays? And, above all, where did they choose to spend these days? Very well, we’ll take care of telling you everything. Starting from Wanda Nara up to Paola Turani, we will tell you everything about the Christmas holidays of our beloved VIPs.

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From Wanda Nara to Paola Turani, where did our VIPs spend the holidays? Very different places

For these Christmas holidays, some of our VIPs have chosen to disconnect a little from the thrust of everyday life. And to spend these days completely in peace and relaxation. There are those who have chosen to ‘escape’ from the low temperatures of these days to go to a warm place. And who, on the other hand, has chosen to brave the cold by going to the snow. Are you curious to find out something more?

Among those who have chosen to leave their place of origin to go to a warm place, there are really them: Wanda Nara, Chiara Nasti, Elisabetta Gregoraci and Alice Campello. The Icardi family, for example, chose to return to Argentina. And it is here that, between one visit and another, they are spending these holidays. The Neapolitan influencer, on the other hand, is in Dubai together with his Mattia Zaccagni. The beloved Calabrian presenter, on the other hand, seems to be in Kenya with her son. And finally, the splendid Campello also flew to Dubai together with her whole family.

Among the VIPs, however, who have decided to stay in Italy. And to make the magic of Christmas even more perfect, there are: Paola Turani and Giulia and Sangiovanni. In fact, recently became a mother, the influencer spent these days with her little Aeneas and her husband in the Dolomites. And also the beloved couple of Friends, finally, has chosen to spend these days in the snow.

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From Wanda Nara to Paola Turani:
Photo Source: Instagram

Equally numerous, however, are the VIPs who have chosen to spend these days with the family. From Giulia De Lellis, who returned to Rome, to Chiara Ferragni and Fedez, who returned to Milan due to some health problems of little Vittoria, there are several of our celebrities who have chosen to stay at home.