From wreck to racing boat, she is the Maxi Yacht 100 Arca Sg

The Fast & Furio Sailing Team and Arca Fondi Sgr project obtains Epd certification

Transforming a wreck into one of the best performing regatta boats in the world: this is the circular economy project of Arca Fondi Sgr and Fast & Furio Sailing Team which, thanks to the technical support offered by Mapping Lca, has allowed the Maxi Yacht 100 Arca Sgr to achieve the first Epd certification (Environmental Product Declaration) in the naval sector.

The Maxi Yacht Arca 100 was found by Furio Benussi at the end of 2018 in a small shipyard on the island of Menorca. In 2019, the BoReAS project (Boat Recycle in Action for Sailing Project) starts, which immediately involves Arca Fondi Sgr as sponsor of the initiative. The BoReAS project aims to make a fast and competitive racing boat available to the Fast & Furio Sailing Team, minimizing the environmental impact, which can be associated with the new construction of a boat with the same technical and performance characteristics. Within a few months, using almost exclusively waste materials and with a limited budget, the team led by Furio Benussi managed to put the boat back into the sea.

In 2019, after a series of extraordinary maintenance interventions carried out in Trieste, the boat returns to racing. In 2021 the Maxi-Yacht 100 Arca Sgr achieves an incredible series of successes, crowned by triumphs at the Giraglia and the Barcolana, the latter race that the boat is about to face also in 2022, with the role of Defender. Thanks to the excellent sporting results, the many charity initiatives supported by Arca Fondi and the role of Ambassador of charitable associations of Skipper Furio Benussi, the Maxi-Yacht 100 Arca Sgr today represents a platform for sustainability initiatives.

For Ugo Loeser, CEO of Arca Fondi Sgr, “the recycling project of the Maxi-Yacht 100 Arca Sgr represents a present and immediate metaphor that allows us to effectively communicate the values ​​that characterize our company and which constitute its DNA: competence, conscious use of resources, enhancement of talent and performance “.

“When I saw the hull abandoned in Menorca, I tried again the thrill of the 2005 Barcolana and I immediately thought that that huge wreck deserved the opportunity to return to racing – says Furio Benussi, Skipper of the Fast & Furio Sailing Team – The BoReAS project is the son of a dream: to demonstrate that it was possible to reach the highest levels of competitiveness, embracing the logic and principles of recovery and reuse, typical of the circular economy, thanks to the passion and competence of an extraordinary team “.

“The meeting with the Maxi-Yacht 100 Arca Sgr allowed us to put the skills of the Lca Mapping Team at the service of the BoReAS Project in a context of excellence with an innovative vision in the field of Circular Economy. The certification of the environmental declaration (Epd) of the Maxi-Yacht 100 Arca Sgr was a challenge with a high engineering content successfully coordinated by Eng. Alessandro Bordignon who is also the head of the International Committee which has the task of implementing the reference legislation for the evaluation of the environmental footprints of the entire nautical sector ”, says Anna Bortoluzzi, Scientific Coordinator of Mapping Lca.