Frosinone, huge swastika in the square in Colli with playground mats

It happened in the municipality of Monte San Giovanni Campano on Easter night

They uprooted the mats placed under the children’s games located in the nearby public space to make a huge swastika. It happened in Colli, in the municipality of Monte San Giovanni Campano, in the province of Frosinone, on Easter night. The mayor Emiliano Cinelli denounced the episode: “I am sorry…as Mayor of Monte San Giovanni Campano, I strongly condemn the cowardly act of those who try to show off with arguments they don’t even know the meaning of and with the only result of having children’s play area destroyed.

The Collective Equally Protests: “We are ANTI-FASCISTIC and we harshly condemn the vile symbol that appeared in a town near us. The town in question is Monte San Giovanni Campano (Fr) and according to the reconstruction of some, some children should be condemned who literally uprooted rubber mats of a playground to reproduce with horror this huge swastika in a square nearby. A stunt? A prank? But also not! History should not repeat itself even through the reproduction of symbols like these! Therefore we condemn this gesture and we offer ourselves to the aforementioned community to explain and reason together about how important and vital it is to preside over DEMOCRACY every day and it is necessary to do so by speaking to young people and dialoguing with them so that it NEVER happens again!”.

“The Colli episode testifies how education to the Constitution and the values ​​that underlie it can never be considered exhausted – comments the Anpi Frosinone provincial coordination on Facebook – And how the representatives of all the institutions have a civil duty and moral to pass on, especially to the new generations, the history and memory of the painful journey that led us to be a democracy. It is our Constitution that defends our freedom. The gesture must be firmly condemned. But alongside the condemnation we ask for commitment of all the institutions to remember that the Constitution was born from the Resistance and from anti-fascism. From the fight against a dictatorship. And to remember it not only on April 25, but every day. So that it truly becomes the property of all citizens”.

“We send this appeal to the Mayor of Monte San Giovanni Campano: telling the kids our story, during fascism and in the terrible days of the war of Liberation, telling the episodes that also happened on our land, will certainly make them more aware of what it means live in a country where rights and freedoms are guaranteed to all, avoiding that in the future they may still be tempted to use symbols of oppression and horror”, concludes the Anpi.