Fs lands on TikTok, explains commitment by country and sustainability

The new challenges of the FS Group’s Business Plan explained in an innovative language on the social network most loved by the new generations, TikTok. The Group led by CEO Luigi Ferraris is a pioneer on the platform among the great Italian industrial realities and tells its “New Time” with a native TikTok style. An increasingly global and interconnected digital community with which the FS Group intends to share the actions taken to build a green future for the country.

On TikTok, as stated on Fsnews.it, the FS Group will talk about its commitment to the implementation of the NRP and to sustainability, a value towards which the younger generations are particularly sensitive. TikTok is in fact considered the House of sustainability: 67% of users, according to the social network, are “Green Conscious”, interested in sustainable lifestyles and reducing the impact of emissions on the environment. 65% of users believe in companies that operate in a sustainable and ethical way.

The great sensitivity towards safeguarding the Planet unites Generations Z and Millennials, the same ones that populate the social network, given that, according to the estimates provided by TikTok, 66% of its users are under 30 years old and most of them are included in the range between 16 and 24. A target with which to dialogue and compare, in line with the commitment of the FS Group towards a gentle and sustainable tourism, with cities increasingly on a human scale and zero-impact intermodal mobility. For the launch from today, a welcome video that proposes the #Untemponuovo institutional campaign and the Industrial Plan in native style with a focus on the 4 new business poles: Infrastructures, Passengers, Urban and Logistics.