FS, revenues of 13.7 billion and growing profits in the 2022 budget

The results communicated by the Group after approval by the Board of Directors. Ebitda at 2.2 billion and investments last year for 11.3 billion. CEO Ferraris: “Numbers that demonstrate a key role in the country”

The FS Group closes 2022 with revenues growing to 13.7 billion euros, with an overall increase of 1.4 billion euros (+12%) compared to 2021, “essentially due to the significant recovery in volumes of request”. A net profit of 202 million euros, +5%, and equal to +9 million euros on last year; a gross operating margin (Ebitda) of 2.2 billion euros (+17% and equal to +324 million euros on 2021, or +119% and equal to +1,110 million euros on 2021 net of the Covid refreshments) and with an Ebit of 262 million euros. Fs made it known after the Board of Directors, chaired by Nicoletta Giadrossi, approved the Group’s consolidated financial statements as at 31 December 2022.

Investments of 11.3 billion euros

In 2022, the technical investments of the FS Group amounted to 11.3 billion euros (98% are on the national territory), of which over 9 billion euros in railway and road infrastructure. Excluding financial advances (-2.2 billion euros) from the comparison with 2021 (-10% in absolute value), “there is an increase of over 9% in investments made”, explains Fs. Infrastructure tenders for 15 billion euros have been awarded and calls for tenders have been published for around 26 billion euros, underlines FS. The net financial position is equal to 7.9 billion euros (-1 billion euros compared to 2021).

CEO Ferraris: “A solid basis for achieving Pnrr results”

“The results achieved and the activities launched constitute a solid basis for completing the further objectives linked to the Pnrr, the other strategic works for the country and favoring the development of a new integrated mobility”, declared the CEO of FS, Luigi Ferraris, underlining that these results “confirm the key role of the FS Group” in the country. “The 12% growth in revenues in one year is the result of the Group’s operational capacity which has made it possible to take advantage of the substantial increase in the demand for personal mobility which has seen Frecce travelers double compared to 2021”, he said .