Fubar, the trailer of the TV series with Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Netflix has released the first trailer for Fubarthe first series with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who finally returns to the scene after years with a role tailored to his aptitudes. A demonstration by Netflix of the will to have the actor in one of its productions at all costs. The countdown has now begun for the release of Fubarwhich is scheduled to be held simultaneously around the world next May 25th with all eight episodes planned (they will also be visible on Sky Glass, Sky Q and via the app on the Now Smart Stick). No stew, at least this time, for Netflix, which prefers to release the complete series in full to test the public’s interest. An almost counter-current choice compared to the latest decisions of the streaming giant, which had accustomed the public to releases spread over at least two sections.

The trailer of Fubar

For Arnold Schwarzenegger, Fubar is the first work of this type: the actor had never acted in a TV series and his first approach, according to what emerges from the images released by the trailer, seems to be positive state. The whole story unfolds around the tale of the lives of a father and daughter, who are involved in an international spy ring. Alongside the actor, Monica Barbaro plays the role of her daughter, whom the public has come to know in Top Gun: Maverick. The keystone that pays off Fubar a spy series different from the others lies in the fact that the two discover with considerable delay that they have been part of a CIA project for many years but without each other knowing. This implies that their relationship was built on a castle of lies that prevented them from getting to know each other and from having a true relationship between father and daughter. But the opportunity to rebuild it comes when both are called for the same mission and will necessarily have to get to know each other to trust each other.

The words of Arnold Schwarzenegger

The actor appeared immediately enthusiastic of this project for TV, although it has never been a field in which he has had the opportunity to try his hand. His approach was professional as always and a few months ago, talking about the film and what the audience could perceive for the plot and its presence, Arnold Schwarzenegger explained: “Everywhere I go people ask me when I’m going to make a other great action comedy like True Lies. Well, here it is. Fubar it will kick your ass and keep you laughing way longer than a movie. Now you have an entire season at your disposal”.