Fuel increases do not stop: record prices

On the served basis, the average of petrol is over 2 euros per liter

Fuel prices at the pump are burning record after record, with the rises that show no sign of stopping. This morning the national average of self-service petrol exceeds 1.9 euros / liter, we are well over 2 euros / liter served. International petrol and diesel prices gained the equivalent of 4 and 5 cents per liter, respectively. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, prices have risen by the equivalent of 11 and 20 cents per liter. Brent in retreat on 111 dollars. According to the usual survey by Staffetta Quotidiana, this morning Eni and Tamoil increased gasoline and diesel prices by four cents per liter. For IP and Q8, an increase of 5 cents / liter on petrol and diesel.

These are the price averages practiced communicated by the managers to the Price Observatory of the Ministry of Economic Development and processed by the Relay, detected at 8 yesterday morning on about 15 thousand plants: gas self service at 1.909 euro / liter (+17 thousandths, 1,916 companies, 1,893 white pumps), diesel at 1,786 euro / liter (+18, 1,790 companies, 1,777 white pumps). Petrol served at 2,032 euros / liter (+17, 2,077 companies, 1,945 white pumps), diesel to 1,914 euros / liter (+18, 1,959 companies, 1,829 white pumps). LPG served at € 0.843 / liter (+12, companies 0.852, white pumps 0.832), methane served at 1,843 euros / kg (+29, companies 1,862, white pumps 1,829), LNG 2,149 euros / kg (-11, companies 2,149 euros / kg, white pumps 2,149 euros / kg).

These are the prices on motorways: self-service petrol 1.988 euros / liter (served 2.204), self-service diesel fuel 1.876 euros / liter (served 2.105), LPG 0.952 euros / liter, methane 2.088 euros / kg, LNG 2.114 euros / kg. Attached are the tables with the prices charged and the variations in the recommended prices.