Fuel, petrol and diesel prices down on the net today

Green self service at 1.874 euro/litre (-5 thousandths, companies 1.875, white pumps 1.871), diesel at 1.914 euro/litre

Since yesterday the embargo on refined Russian productsbut for now the fuel network not yet suffered the effects. So much so that, according to the Staffetta Quotidiana survey, Eni and Q8 dropped by 1 cent on diesel, while IP and Tamoil also dropped by 1 cent, but on both products. Based on what is indicated by the market of petroleum products of the Mediterranean which closed sharply lower on Friday. On LPG, Q8 and IP rose by 1 cent.

These are the averages of the prices practices communicated by the managers to the price observatory of the Ministry of Economic Development and elaborated by the Staffetta, detected at 8 yesterday morning on about 18 thousand plants: self-service petrol at 1.874 euros/litre (-5 thousandths, companies 1.875, white pumps 1.871), diesel at 1.914 euros/litre (-18, companies 1.899, white pumps 1.889). Petrol served at 2.012 euro/litre (-6, companies 2.054, white pumps 1.930), diesel at 2.034 euro/litre (-20, companies 2.077, white pumps 1.949). LPG served at 0.794 euro/litre (+1, companies 0.803, white pumps 0.790), methane served at 2.019 euro/kg (-40, companies 2.025, white pumps 2.015), LNG 2.347 euro/kg (-405, companies 2.000 euro /kg, white pumps 1.897 euro/kg).

These are the prices on the motorways: self-service petrol 1.946 euro/litre (served 2.207), self-service diesel 1.967 euro/litre (served 2.231), LPG 0.888 euro/litre, methane 2.025 euro/kg, LNG 1.887 euro/kg. These are the prices of refined products in the Mediterranean at the end of Friday: petrol at 581 euros per thousand liters (-11 rounded values), diesel at 632 euros per thousand liters (-15 rounded values). These are the values ​​inclusive of excise duty: petrol at 1309.30 euros per thousand litres, diesel at 1249.39 euros per thousand litres.