Fuel, petrol and diesel prices falling

Self-service green at 1,991 euros/litre, diesel at 1,935 euros/litre. LPG rises

The prices of refined products are falling, Brent is also falling to 90 dollars after the Citi bank forecast a downward trend of up to 82 dollars for the fourth quarter of the year, thanks to the increase in production in non-OPEC countries, to from the United States. It looks like this downward movement on the fuel price lists of the major brands. However, the import prices of propane and butane from Algeria, Italy’s main supplier, are rising, with immediate consequences on LPG prices at the pump rising again after two months of stasis. According to the usual report by Staffetta Quotidiana, Eni has reduced the recommended prices of petrol by one cent per liter and increased those of LPG by one cent/litre.

These are the average prices charged communicated by managers to the Price Observatory of the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy and processed by Staffetta, recorded at 8am yesterday morning on approximately 18 thousand plants: self-service petrol at 1,991 euros/litre (unchanged, companies 1,995, white pumps 1,982), self-service diesel at 1,935 euros/litre (unchanged, companies 1,939, white pumps 1,927). Petrol served at 2.128 euros/litre (unchanged, companies 2.170, white pumps 2.043), diesel served at 2.071 euros/litre (unchanged, companies 2.113, white pumps 1.987). LPG served at 0.712 euros/litre (unchanged, companies 0.721, white pumps 0.701), methane served at 1.396 euros/kg (-1 thousandth, companies 1.405, white pumps 1.389), LNG 1.268 euros/kg (+2, companies 1.262 euros /kg, white pumps 1,272 euros/kg).

These are the prices on the motorways: self-service petrol 2.068 euros/litre (served 2.315), self-service diesel 2.022 euros/litre (served 2.277), LPG 0.851 euros/litre, methane 1.517 euros/kg, LNG 1.277 euros/kg.