Fuel, petrol and diesel prices: the ‘served’ returns to 2 euro/litre

The average of green self-service exceeds 1.8 euro/litre, diesel flies towards 1.87

After the double leap around New Year’s Eve, on the fuel front there are no changes in the recommended price lists of the major brands. In the meantime, however, the effects of the increases are reflected in the national averages of prices charged at the pump. With the result that the average of petrol in self-service exceeds 1.8 euro/litre this morning, diesel flies towards 1.87, while on the “serviced” basis the levels are just under 2 euro/litre for petrol (1.95 euro/litre) and already above for diesel (2.02 euro/litre). This was reported by the Staffetta Quotidiana which reports the average prices of the Price Observatory of the Ministry of Economic Development with self-service petrol at 1.803 euros/litre (+71 thousandths, companies 1.807, white pumps 1.791), diesel at 1.865 euros/litre (+71, companies 1,868, white pumps 1,855). Petrol served at 1.951 euro/litre (+62, companies 1.986, white pumps 1.869), diesel at 2.015 euro/litre (+62, companies 2.048, white pumps 1.931). LPG served at 0.791 euros/litre (+11, companies 0.801, white pumps 0.777), methane served at 2.394 euros/kg (+45, companies 2.394, white pumps 2.395), LNG 2.443 euros/kg (+102, companies 2.483 euros /kg, white pumps 2.404 euro/kg).