Fuel, petrol and diesel prices today February 1st

Reduction interventions: Eni cuts diesel and LPG

New downward interventions on the fuel network. According to what is reported by Staffetta Quotidiana and Quotidiano Energia, Eni is moving today, dropping by 2 cents on the recommended prices of diesel and LPG. While awaiting the implementation of the cuts, however, the national averages of the prices charged are still little moved while the international prices of petroleum products closed yesterday with a slight rebound, linked above all to exchange rate dynamics.

The data from Mimit’s Observatory show the average price of petrol in self-service mode is 1.883 euro/litre (1.882 the previous figure), with the various brands ranging between 1.879 and 1.886 euro/litre (no logo 1.882). The average price of self-service diesel is fixed at 1.923, with the companies between 1.916 and 1.930 euro/litre (no logo 1.917). The prices charged for LPG are positioned between 0.791 and 0.803 euro/litre (no logo 0.770). Finally, the average price of CNG for cars is between 2.024 and 2.255 (no logo 2.128). Prices on the motorways see self-service petrol at 1.953 euro/litre (2.212 served), self-service diesel 1.992 euro/litre (2.253 served), LPG 0.886 euro/litre, methane 2.176 euro/kg, LNG 2.593 euro/kg.