Fuel prices continue to fall

The national average of self-service petrol prices falls below 1.9 euros/litre for the first time since 27 July

The descent of the gods continues fuel pricesdespite the rebound in the prices of refined products. The national average of petrol prices in self-service it drops below 1.9 euros/litre for the first time since 27 July, that of diesel under 1.89 euros/litre.

These are the average prices charged communicated by the managers to the Price Observatory of the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy and processed by Staffetta, recorded at 8am yesterday morning on approximately 18 thousand plants: self-service petrol at 1,896 euros/litre (-7 thousandths, companies 1,898, white pumps 1,893), self-service diesel at 1,886 euros/litre (-4, companies 1,888, white pumps 1,882). Petrol served at 2.036 euros/litre (-6, companies 2.076, white pumps 1.955), diesel served at 2.025 euros/litre (-3, companies 2.065, white pumps 1.943). LPG served at 0.721 euros/litre (unchanged, companies 0.729, white pumps 0.711), methane served at 1.436 euros/kg (unchanged, companies 1.444, white pumps 1.430), LNG 1.289 euros/kg (unchanged, companies 1.282 euros/kg, white pumps 1,296 euro/kg).

These are the prices on the motorways: self-service petrol 1.981 euros/litre (served 2.242), self-service diesel 1.973 euros/litre (served 2.239), LPG 0.852 euros/litre, methane 1.523 euros/kg, LNG 1.297 euros/kg.