Fuel prices, how much petrol and diesel cost today

The price of diesel is decreasing, that of petrol is unchanged

Calm falls on fuel prices. National averages substantially stable, no movement to report on the recommended price lists of the major brands. The price of diesel is decreasing, that of petrol is unchanged.

These are the averages of the prices charged communicated by the managers to the Price Observatory of the Ministry of Economic Development and elaborated by the Staffetta, recorded at 8 am yesterday morning on about 18,000 plants: self-service petrol at 1.883 euro/litre (+1 thousandth, companies 1.885 , white pumps 1.877), diesel at 1.772 euro/litre (unchanged, companies 1.776, white pumps 1.760). Petrol served at 2.018 euro/litre (+1, companies 2.059, white pumps 1.936), diesel at 1.912 euro/litre (unchanged, companies 1.956, white pumps 1.822). LPG served at 0.783 euro/litre (-1, companies 0.792, white pumps 0.773), methane served at 1.663 euro/kg (-2, companies 1.662, white pumps 1.665), LNG 1.560 euro/kg (-4, companies 1.561 euro /kg, white pumps 1,560 euro/kg).

These are the prices on the motorways: self-service petrol 1.947 euro/litre (served 2.208), self-service diesel 1.854 euro/litre (served 2.126), LPG 0.885 euro/litre, methane 1.702 euro/kg, LNG 1.561 euro/kg.