Fuels, Bersani: “Does the government know how much gas station attendant earns in Italy?”

On minister Nordio: “If he resigns, I won’t cry”

But how do you think of putting up a billboard with the average price at the gas station? If there’s a way to raise the price, this is it. There are often objective reasons if the cost is higher and among those who find it difficult to lower the price and those who will find it easy to raise it to bring it closer to the average price, it is clear that the price of petrol will eventually increase”. Thus Pierluigi Bersani, guest by Lilli Gruber at Otto e mezzo on La7.

But does the government know how much an average gas station attendant earns in Italy? There are 22,000 petrol stations in our country, a third of which sell less than 300,000 liters a year, which it is not clear how they manage to stand. Instead, we should instead see the average price from the refinery to the distributor in Europe and keep that price firm there”, continues the former secretary of the Democratic Party.

NORTH – “If Nordio resigns, I won’t crybut perhaps the minister should first of all start doing it, because these ministers seem to me very talkative… With also the one of culture who decides that Dante is the progenitor of the Right: we on the Left would be satisfied with Boccaccio, who enjoys a lot of more… But it’s not that Meloni is exempt from this chatter: for example, now she’s bringing out the Mattei plan, but in Mattei’s time, gas was considered the sun of the future, while now we have to figure out how to get out of it… With our infrastructures, we are not able to make the European gas hub, so we are hearing things that are destined to deflate”.

PD – “Only 9% of those registered say that the secretary is the Pd’s problem. That said, I will vote for the most convincing position on two points: one, on how the constituent process of party enlargement is going. Two, what is the proposal to start an alternative to the right, both on Labor and on the deployment. Elly Schlein? He has significant elements of innovation but you too will have to say more clearly what you want to do on these two points. We at Article One went out – or rather, we were kicked out – but we never left, we always lent a hand. I would be very ready to join the new Democratic Party, after this constituent phase and the election of a secretary who, however, takes these steps, because going forward means expanding”.

PNRR – “We all say that the Mafia is no longer a massacre, but that it does business. Well, then we have to ask ourselves where are the business and the money now? In the Pnrr, in environmental policies, in health care. But these things here all pass through the public administration : so you want them not to corrupt, one way or another? So corruption is intrinsic to the new Mafia, you can’t pretend that corruption has nothing to do with organized crime”.