Fuels, downward adjustments for petrol and diesel prices

Green in self mode at 1.862 euro/litre, diesel at 1.829 euro/litre

Average diesel prices still decreasing, downward adjustment for petrol prices. Methane is down. This is the picture that emerges from monitoring the fuel network. As for international prices, yesterday they closed higher on petrol and lower on diesel.

Coming to the detail of the national network, based on the elaboration of Quotidiano Energia of the data communicated by the operators to the Mimit Observatory updated at 8 am yesterday 23 February, the average price of petrol in self-service mode is 1.862 euro/litre (1.863 the value previous), with the various brands ranging between 1.855 and 1.874 euro/litre (no logo 1.862). The average price charged for diesel self is 1.829 euro/litre (against 1.832), with average prices ranging between 1.816 and 1.836 euro/litre (no logo 1.827). On petrol served, the average price charged is 2.005 euro/litre (2.006 in the previous survey) with colored systems with prices between 1.945 and 2.077 euro/litre (no logo 1.914). The average of diesel served is 1.976 euros/litre (against 1.978), with the companies’ points of sale between 1.906 and 2.040 euros/litre (no logo 1.881). The prices charged for LPG are positioned between 0.798 and 0.829 euro/litre (no logo 0.806). Finally, the average prices of natural gas are between 1.817 and 2.070 (no logo 1.935).