Fuels, online you can request a contribution: who can have it

The disbursement of the available funds was established by decree of the MIT

Fifteen million euros to compensate for the increases in the cost of fuel in favor of road haulage companies. At the address https://carburantebus2022.consap.it it is possible, from 12 this morning, to enter the grant applications on the platform. The disbursement of the available funds was established with a decree from the MIT, which identified Consap for the management of the related obligations.

These are funds intended to deal with the expensive fuel due to the international geopolitical crisis and refer to purchases, made in the second quarter of 2022, intended to power low environmental impact M2 and M3 buses (methane – Cng, liquefied natural gas – LNG, hybrid diesel/electric, with internal combustion engines of at least Euro 5 class), for authorized road haulage companies providing passenger transport services, not subject to public service obligations.

Grant applications, up to a maximum of 20% of the expenditure incurred, can be entered on the platform until 12 noon on 13 March 2023.