Fuels, with the petrol discount at the levels of a month ago

The excise cut decided by the government is operational. It is worth 30.5 cents per liter on green and diesel. Prices return to the levels prior to the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. Minister Cingolani: it takes at least three years to make us independent from Russian gas

Petrol and diesel return to the price they had before the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. Under two euros per liter, therefore, thanks to the entry into force of the cut decided by the government. A scissor kick that overall is worth 30.5 cents for every liter of fuel and that will last for thirty days. The discount appears a little more substantial than announced because with the reduction of the excise duty (a fixed tax), the VAT must be recalculated (which is a percentage). If the motorists celebrate (the average tank costs 15 euros less) the same cannot be said for those who sell green and diesel fuel: they fear losses because they have already paid the excise duty before the cut (when it was higher).

The shadow of speculation

On the prices, meanwhile, the Minister of Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolani reported in Parliament, underlining how the tariffs rise to the increase in the cost of oil in an “immediate way, while the adjustment to the reduction in the price of crude oil is delayed”. Shadows of speculation also regarding gas. Cingolani said the cost of imported gas has tripled over the past year, while that decided by the market has risen eight times. “We are paying a price – added the minister – which has nothing to do with the cost of the raw material”.

At least three years to replace Russian gas

However, the government continues to seek alternatives to Russian methane. While the new measures to lighten the impact of bills (more extended bonuses, installments, aid to the most affected sectors), financed mostly with a 10% levy on the extra-profits of energy companies, become operational, Cingolani explained that, with structural measures decided at the European level, it takes at least three years to be able to do without Moscow’s methane. Meanwhile, with a view to reducing this dependence, Italy has ordered two new ships for liquid gas, to be purchased also abroad but not from Vladimir Putin.