Fun and feeling in the season of the Manzoni theater in Rome

The artistic director Pietro Longhi, ‘we focus on contemporary Italian dramaturgy’ – Among the artists: Paola Gassman, Edy Angelillo, Sergio Muniz, Patrizia Pellegrino, Paola Tiziana Cruciani, Giancarlo Ratti, Nino Formicola, Enzo Casertano, Blas Roca Ray

As per tradition, the new season of the Manzoni Theater in Romewith a particular eye focused on contemporary Italian dramaturgy, as its artistic director explains Pietro Longhiwho will be busy in February together with Edy Angelillodirected by Enrico Maria Lamanna, in the play ‘Rollercoaster’, which debuted in France in 2004 as the protagonist Alain Delon.

The curtain will open on October 5th with the first performance in Italy of Norm Foster’s brilliant comedy, ‘There’s a Corpse in the Garden’, starring Sergio Muniz And Miriam Mesturino directed by Silvio Giordani. Followed by Ottavia Bianchi, Patrizia Ciabatta, Beatrice Gattai and Giulia Santilli, the protagonists of last season’s ‘The Step Sisters’, who now bring ‘Moira, home, family and spirits’. We continue with ‘Fino alle Stelle’, a musical comedy written and performed by Agnese Fallongo and Tiziano Caputo.

Then, it will be the turn of the theatrical transposition of a cult of the Eighties: ‘Three Men and a Cradle’, an adaptation signed by the same author of the French film Coline Serreau, directed and performed by Gabriele Pignotta, who will also be the show of New Year’s Eve. They appear on the bill for the second part of the season Max Pisu, Nino Formicola And Giancarlo Ratti with ‘Scissors & Follia’ which promises to be an interactive show in which the audience will be the real protagonist.

We continue with the comic mystery ‘Who has seen it?’ interpreted by Enzo Casertano And Paola Tiziana Cruciani also author and director; Fioretta Mari, Patrizia Pellegrino And Blas Roca Rey for ‘Donnacce’ by Gianni Clementi. To close the season, with the last rerun on June 2nd, will be Paola Gassman and Mirella Mazzeranghi with the tragicomic comedy ‘Tutto per Lola’ directed by Silvio Giordani.

(Of Enzo Bonaiuto)