Fundraising by Bper to help 84 women victims of violence

‘Together for women’ is concrete help to support household expenses, for children, for training courses and driving licenses

There “Together for Women” fundraiserpromoted by BPER Banca in favor of the “Autonomy Fund” designed by the association DiRe – Women online against violence and concluded at the end of last year, will allow a 84 women, in 16 different regionsto support rent and bills, training courses, purchase of cars with courses to get a driving licence and many others contributions for daily expenses and for their sons and daughters. The sum collected, equal to 200 thousand euros, will be allocated to 49 organizations that have joined the projectespecially aimed at women welcomed who have undertaken the path out of violencebut who do not have sufficient resources at their disposal for real economic and housing independence.

There awareness campaign, which ended on 25 November, involved customers and non-customers, reached through communication messages disseminated on all BPER Banca channels and on digital media, especially on social networks. A total of 200,000 euros were donated to DiRe’s “Autonomy Fund”: 100,000 euros from the people who took part in the fundraising, and another 100,000 donated by the Bank, which thus doubled the amount.

Commenting on the initiative Flavia Mazzarella, President of Bper Bancaspeaks of “great satisfaction in seeing the fruits of the contribution of customers, non-customers and employees to help women who can now gain their own autonomy. We wanted to confirm our ongoing commitment to victims of violence and the results of the project indicate that the path to follow is the right one”. Antonella Veltri, President of DiRe – Donne in Rete, adds: “Against violence The daily work of anti-violence centers aims to accompany women on their journeys out of violence. Having the possibility of supporting them even financially for a real “This autonomy makes the commitment even more effective. This type of partnership also allows us to communicate to a wider audience, helping us to make the activities of anti-violence centers known also to women who could benefit from our work”.