Funeral for the brothers in Foggia, appeal from the archbishop: “New home for the family”

Today the funeral of Nicolae Daniel and Stefan who drowned at the age of 6 and 7 in an irrigation tank. Few people in the church and the prelate denounces: “The people are missing, it’s not a good sign”

”In that place the pain is too great, my appeal is to find an alternative home, an accommodation that allows them to continue their work which is precious”. This is the appeal launched today by Archbishop Franco Moscone in the homily given during the funeral of Nicolae Daniel and Stefan, the two little brothers aged 6 and 7, from a Romanian family, who drowned on Tuesday in a surface cistern for irrigation in the they are from Foggia.

The Romanian family lives in a house annexed to a farm in the vast plain between Manfredonia and Zapponeta, in the locality of Fonte Rosa, where there are many foreigners who work in agriculture or livestock. The rainwater irrigation tank where the children died is located in a nearby area of ​​private property, bordered by a fence that is in some places dilapidated and wide apart, so as to allow access.

Moscone, who reiterated the need for a serious plan of reception and integration for the many migrant families who live on farms and ranches in the vast plain of the Tavoliere. The archbishop said he also regretted that the church was not crowded today. ” It seems to me that the people of Manfredonia are missing even if there are representatives of the institutions, it’s not a good sign ”, he said.