Furious quarrel after a joke: it is chaos in the house of the GF Vip

Furious quarrel after a joke: chaos breaks out in the house of the GF Vip; what happened during the night.

The long-awaited third episode of the GF Vip 7. A long live broadcast during which the hottest topics of these first days of coexistence in the most watched house on TV will be addressed.

Cast GF Vip (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

At the center of the episode there will undoubtedly be the quarrel between Elenoire Ferruzzi and Luca Salatino. The relationship between the two broke off when Elenoire declared that, according to her, Luca is interested in her, but she is ashamed to say so. A strong discussion between the two, followed by a clarification: will it really end here? Waiting to find out, we tell you about another one heated confrontation happened in the house just this night. Among the Vpponi, it is known, it is customary to organize jokes against the roommates, but this time something went wrong. A real discussion was born from a joke, which has reduced someone to tears. Here’s what happened.

The joke ends badly at GF Vip: quarrel and tears in the house

A joke born to have fun but ended badly. This is what happened last night, inside the house of GF Vip 7. The victim of the joke, in fact, did not like it at all and went on a rampage. What happened in detail?

Victim of the joke was Charlie Gnocchiwhich, while sleeping, was reached by a not very pleasant ‘smell’, especially late at night. Nikita Pelizon, with the complicity of Edoardo Donnamaria and Luca Salatinor, he smeared some onion on Charlie’s pillow. A seemingly harmless joke, which amused the three Vippos a lot, but not for long. When Charlie woke up, he initially chased the culprits all over the house, but everyone thought it was a ‘playful’ scene. After a while, however, the competitor he did not hide his anger and a real discussion broke out. Despite everyone trying to calm him down, Charlie looked downright bothered by the joke, which caused him to wake up in the middle of the night.

“I didn’t want to make you angry Charlie,” Nikita exclaimed, but the roommate thundered: “Then you’re a fool.” Charlie’s harsh reaction caused a real crisis of tears for Nikita, who let off steam in the garden with Cristina Quaranta. “You didn’t kill anyone, okay? Be calm, recover ”, are the words of the former face of Non è la Rai. Nikita, in tears, admitted that she was also hurt by the comment of Giovanni Ciacci, who stated that, if they did this joke on him, she would have kicked them out of the c ***.

lite joke gf vip
Joke at GF Vip (Credits Twitter)

In short, a funny moment has turned into a real chaos! Will he be able to return to the clear before tonight’s episode? Keep following us for all the previews.