Fury, sadness and many memes for the last Daddy Yankee concert: When can tickets be purchased?

daddy yankee It has a 32-year history in the reggaeton genre and during those more than three decades it has won all possible awards, and has managed to gather hundreds of songs and millions of followers worldwide.

Born Raymond Ayala, the 45-year-old singer and music producer recently said his fans have been “the greatest treasure I can have in my career” which reaches 32 years of hits and catchy rhythms.

The rage over Daddy Yankee’s last concert

On Chile The fans of the Puerto Rican have filled social networks with messages and memes to show, first, their admiration and, second, their concern about being able to get one of the show’s seats.

And as if the concert were not enough daddy yankee He released his latest and final album on Thursday night, entitled Legendaddy, where he squandered all his talent and said goodbye with an impressive tracklist that featured the collaboration of stars of the stature of Pitbull, Becky G. and J Balvin.

Namely: a world-class farewell.

the memes

As expected, many people went to social networks to talk about the latest from Daddy Yankee. And on Twitter, which is the cathedral of the meme, it was filled with messages aimed mainly at the youngest, in particular those under 30, that is, the Centennials, so that (in the words of the users) they do not go to the recital and leave room for the older ones who are, at this point, the most resistant and consolidated fans of ‘El cangri”s career.

Bonus track:

From Terra Chile we want to contribute a photo to the debate. We could add then that… if you didn’t use this album don’t go to Daddy Yankee’s recital XD

Where will Daddy Yankee’s farewell show take place?

So far the specific place where the event will take place has not been confirmed, however it is speculated that it could be the Monumental Stadium.

daddy yankee
Daddy Yankee / EFE

Daddy Yankee and ‘The Last Lap Tour’

On Sunday, March 20, Daddy Yankee announced his retirement from music and immediately announced the release of his new album, as well as the farewell tour that will take him to tour the entire continent.

“This race, which has been a marathon, I finally see the goal. Now I am going to enjoy with all of you what you have given me, what you have given me”, were the words of Raymond Ayala.

“In this genre, people say that I made it world wide, but it was you who opened the key to open the doors to make this genre the biggest in the world”emphasized “The maximum leader” of reggaeton in the message.

When is Daddy Yankee’s recital in Chile?

the last lap tour is announced for next September 29, 2022 in Santiago de Chile.

Daddy Yankee / EFE

When do ticket sales start for the last Daddy Yankee concert?

Ticket sales for Daddy Yankee’s recital begin on March 30, 2022.

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