Future Hits Live 2023 in Verona, singers lineup: where to see it on TV and streaming

From Aiello to Ariete, from gIANMARIA to Tananai: on stage the music of the artists of the new Italian scene

The Zeta Generation Festival doubles and returns today, Tuesday 30 August, to the enchanting Arena di Verona. For this second date Radio Zeta, constantly engaged in the search for new artists and new repertoires, is opening the doors of the Verona Arena to a new generation of artists.

The lineup of singers of Radio Zeta Future Hits Live 2023 includes Aiello, Aka 7even, Alex W, Alfa, Angelina Mango, Ansiah, Ariete, Ava, Anna, Capo Plaza, Bresh, Chiamamifaro, Asteria, Coco Ft. Luchè, Geeno, Drillionaire , Fulminacci, Gazzelle, Geolier, gIANMARIA, Grenbaud, Guè, Irama & Rkomi, Jain, La Sad X Naska, Leo Gassmann, Lucio Corsi, Merk & Kremont, Mr. Rain with Sangiovanni, Olly, Rhove, Rosa Chemical, Ttananai, Tedua , Tony Effe, Wax and Power Hits Summer 2023 winner, ‘Italodisco’ by The Kolors.

They present: Jody Cecchetto, Paola Di Benedetto and Camilla Ghini.

Where to see it on TV and streaming

It will be possible to follow Future Hits Live starting at 20:45, live on Radio Zeta (digital terrestrial channel 266, Sky 735), RTL 102.5 (digital terrestrial channel 36, Sky 736), on the RTL platform 102.5 Play, on Sky Uno, NOW and free-to-air on TV8.