G20, Draghi quotes Greta on climate: “The summit filled the bla bla bla with substance”

The Prime Minister in the closing speech of the Rome summit: “For the first time the countries have committed themselves to keeping within reach the goal of containing overheating below 1.5 degrees with immediate actions and medium-term commitments. We would have preferred that all countries had confirmed the “deadline” of 2050 “for zero emissions” but gradually we will get there. I was expecting a more rigid attitude from China, there is the will to grasp a language more oriented towards the future “

“I am pleased to announce that Italy will triple its financial commitment to 1.4 billion a year for the next 5 years” for the green climate fund. To say this, at the conclusion of the G20 in Rome in which the agreement on the maximum ceiling of 1.5 degrees for global warming was found (UPDATES – SPECIAL – THE PHOTO STORY OF THE SECOND DAY – THE AGREEMENTS REACHED), is the President of the Council Mario Draghi, who observes: “At this summit we made sure that our dreams are still alive but now we must make sure we turn them into facts. I want to thank the activists who keep us on the right course.” Then, recalling the words of Greta Thunberg at the Youth4Climate in Milan, observes: “Many say they are tired of bla bla bla, I believe that this summit was full of substance. We filled the words with substance.” Meanwhile, the Swedish activist from Glasgow – where Cop26 starts today – speaking to Bbc attacks: the goal of containing global warming by 1.5 degrees more “is theoretically possible”, but so far the leaders of the planet “have avoided taking real action” and this shows how “climate change is not a real top priority “for them.

“We have decided to leave coal behind”

“We want to be judged by what we do, not what we say. This summit has filled our words with substance, our credibility depends on our actions”, says Draghi, wishing the UK “the best COP26”. One of the successes achieved at the G20, according to the prime minister, is that “we have decided to leave coal behind” by stopping the financing of coal-fired power plants in 2021. “We are proud” of the results obtained, he explains, but “it is just the beginning “. Then he wishes the best success to the Indonesian president Joko Widodo, who will take the baton of Italy for the presidency of the G20 2022 which will have as its theme Recover together, recover stronger.

“Gradually we will reach 2050 for zero emissions”

“It was not easy to reach this agreement, it was a success”, said Draghi in the final press conference of the G20, thanking the Sherpas and those who participated in the organization of an “extraordinary” summit. “On the climate – continues the premier – for the first time the G20 countries have pledged to keep within reach the goal of containing overheating below 1.5 degrees with immediate actions and medium-term commitments. We would have preferred that all countries had confirmed the “deadline” of 2050 “for zero emissions” but in my opinion this will gradually be achieved. Compared to the previous situation, the commitment is a little more towards 2050 today in the language of the press release. It is not precise, but before it was absent. There has been a shift with a more hopeful language even on the part of the countries that until now had said no “. “This summit – observes Draghi – makes me confident for the ability that the G20 seems to have found to face the epochal existential challenges, from Covid to the climate”. Then he adds: “Pope Francis is an ally not only of the G20 but for everything concerning the climate and the conservation of the Earth”.

“G20 commitment not to reverse the emissions trend until 2030”

On the climate “the sense of urgency exists and has been shared by all and we can see in the fact that the goal of ‘1.5 degrees has been recognized as scientifically valid – explains Draghi – There was also a commitment not to undertake emissions policies that go against the trend that everyone has committed to observe until 2030. We can think that this commitment will be maintained. After Paris, emissions have increased, especially after Covid. There is some concern and it is now necessary demonstrate credibility by implementing the promises made “.

“For the first time mechanisms for setting coal prices”

“For the first time in a G20 document in paragraph 30 we find a sentence that speaks of mechanisms for setting coal prices – explains Draghi – We ask the various components of the G20 to act in accordance with their mandates to achieve these objectives and a adequate mix for economies with low greenhouse gas emissions by setting a target for the poorest countries. The link that has given rise to the change is the awareness that any progress compared to the past together with the promise of help from richer countries has a sense. It is one of the cases in which both China and Russia have decided to change their position “.

“We have laid the foundations for a fairer recovery”

“We have laid the foundations for a more equitable recovery and found new ways to support countries around the world – says Draghi – 609 billion on the basis of special drawing rights are dedicated for the first time to the most vulnerable countries”. “In what have we succeeded? It is a successful summit in the sense of committing ourselves to further measures, allocations of money, further promises of reduction – continues the premier – In recent months it seemed that the emerging countries had no intention of making other commitments. final success is then formulated on the basis of what we do and not what we say. Collective commitment to be more concrete and serious “. In many contexts, he adds, “even during this summit, there has been the overcoming of many discussions made during the years of the Trump presidency”.

“China has approached the climate, it was not taken for granted”

Then Draghi, answering a question about the distances between countries like China and Russia on some key issues, such as the climate, says: “At the G20 we saw countries that approached the positions of others with the right language. I thank Ambassador Mattiolo and all the Sherpas for the work done. Something has changed at the G20, which is that without cooperation we do not go forward and the best cooperation we know is multilateralism, with rules written long ago and have guaranteed us prosperity. The rules must be changed. change together “. “From China until a few days ago I expected a more rigid attitude, there was the desire to grasp a language more oriented towards the future than the past – he adds – Russia and China have accepted the scientific evidence of 1.5 degrees, which involves enormous sacrifices, are not easy commitments to fulfill. China produces 50% of the world’s steel, many plants go to coal, it is a difficult transition “.

“Cop26 has a margin of progress, 100-140 trillion from private individuals”

“I wish Cop26 and Johnson every success – reiterates Draghi – I believe there is still room for progress on these issues. Surely we will have news on the contribution that the private sector can make to climate finance. These are numbers, from what we understand today. , truly stratospheric: 100+, 120, 130, 140 trillion dollars. This requires a response from governments on how to help the transition knowing that funding is not a problem. There is unprecedented public funding. “

“The vaccines are there, we need to improve the logistics”

Speaking about the pandemic, Draghi observes that “to accelerate the global vaccination campaign, the production of vaccines is sufficient, what is lacking is the logistics, the ability to deliver and use them”. Another question is “how to produce vaccines in Africa, there is a proposal from the EU Commission in this sense that the WTO will discuss”.

“Large scale humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan”

“The G20 took over the leadership of assistance to Afghanistan after the disaster – says Draghi – The EU took the lead in this effort and immediately promised € 1 billion in aid for this humanitarian crisis of proportions. very large but which is not yet perceived in the common attention by us and in the richer countries “.

Greetings to Angela Merkel in her last G20

“I would like to add special thanks to Angela Merkel, for whom this is the last G20 summit as German Chancellor after 16 years of service – says Draghi – Chancellor Merkel has been a true champion of multilateralism and well-founded international order. about the rules. His poise, his leadership and his determination to build consensus have been invaluable to this group. We will treasure his legacy for a long time. Dear Chancellor, dear Angela, thank you. “