G20, Giorgia Meloni: “Compromise declaration on Ukraine but important result”

The Prime Minister in the press conference at the end of the summit: “The result of long and difficult work”

We aimed to have a final statement that had specific reference to Ukraine“, a text “which is certainly a compromise but very important, the result of long and difficult work”. Thus the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloniat a press conference at the end of the G20 in India.

“We must congratulate Modi, we are convinced that the G20 is strategic”, that it is an event that “allows effective dialogue with emerging countries, the nations present represent two thirds of the world population, the success of the Indian presidency it is strategic, also with respect to the international context”, underlined Meloni, speaking of “not an easy edition”.

In the final declaration of the G20 “in addition to the topic of Russian aggression against Ukraine, there are many issues that interest Italy, on migration issues for example” where the need to “fight illegal flows and encourage legal emigration is underlined “he then stated.


“With the Chinese Prime Minister we talked about the Silk Road, but not only that, we have a bilateral relationship with that country. Nations that were not part of the Silk Road have made more advantageous agreements than ours. As a result of these assessments I intend to maintain my commitment to go to China, I believe that it will make more sense to “go” when there are greater elements on how to strengthen our cooperation”, Meloni said again, recalling: “There was a constructive dialogue with the Chinese prime minister on how we can deepen our bilateral relationship.”

“Italy and China know how important it is to maintain cooperation, pragmatism always wins. There is a will to dialogue, nothing is compromised…”, added the prime minister, answering a question about possible retaliation on the part of Beijing for a possible Italian abandonment of the Silk Road.

“The Italian government has been invited to the Belt and Road Forum in mid-October which will be held in China. We didn’t talk about it yesterday but the Italian government was certainly invited”, the prime minister then stated.


“Also thanks to the Italian role, Africa has been central in this G20. It is no coincidence that Africa was also at the center of my speech in yesterday’s plenary session and on the sidelines of the plenary session we also participated in a meeting organized between the leaders of the European Union and the African ones who were present, I believe that this is also a very important element, it shows a growing attention on the part of the European Union towards the African continent, this is an element that must be considered also thanks to the role that Italy has carried out particularly in the last year”, said Meloni again in a press conference at the end of the G20 in India.

“There was clear talk about the growing instability, especially in the Sael – he recalled -. There was talk of migration. There was talk of investments, there was talk of the food crisis, but there is a desire to tighten the links of cooperation with the African countries by the European Union. I repeat, Africa will also be one of the central issues that we will bring to the G7 presidency next year which will be led by Italy.”