G20 Rome, debut for Draghi’s wife: who is Serena Cappello

The wife of the Prime Minister will accompany the husbands and wives of world leaders around the capital, from the Colosseum to the Trevi Fountain. Born in Padua in 1947, she is an expert in English literature and is a descendant of Bianca Cappello, wife of the Grand Duke of Tuscany Francesco de’Medici. Reserved, she likes to stay out of the spotlight. By her husband she had two children: Federica and Giacomo Draghi

The G20 in Rome represents an important test for Mario Draghi as prime minister, called to chair one of the most important summits for international politics. It is also the first real debut for the very reserved wife of Prime Minister Serena Cappello – Serenella, for those who know her well -, who will take the wives and spouses of the world leaders involved on a tour of Rome, Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 October, in the works of the summit at the Nuvola di Fuksas all’Eur (THE SPECIAL OF SKY TG24 – THE G20 COUNTRIES – WHO ARE THE LEADERS – THE PROGRAM – ALL THE PAST G20).

Who is Serena Cappello

The Italian “first lady” is a descendant of Bianca Cappello, wife of the Grand Duke of Tuscany Francesco de’Medici. Born in Padua on July 28, 1947, she studies English literature at the University of Vicenza. She met her future husband at a very young age, when they were both 19 years old: it was 1966. After their marriage, celebrated in 1973, the couple had two children, Federica and Giacomo Draghi. In addition to this, little is known about Serena Cappello, except that – in fact – she is very reserved. She lives away from the spotlight, dividing herself between the Roman apartment where she lives with her husband and the estate in Città della Pieve, in the green hills of the province of Perugia, where the two usually spend part of their summer holidays. The attention for his first try to do the honors is also motivated by the fact that, so far, the public releases of Cappello have been very rare. Among these, the best known is from 2018, when a group of journalists pressed Draghi out of a polling station in the Parioli district in Rome, asking him if he intended to enter politics after his experience at the helm of the European Central Bank. “He will not make a government, he is not a politician”, replied Serenella to whom Draghi replied “Come on, shut up”. The following year, at the farewell conference at the ECB, when the press room asked Draghi if he had resolved his doubts about a possible future in politics, he replied to ask his wife.

The tour in Rome

Jill Biden, Brigitte Macron and all the others and the other spouses of the heads of state and government will follow Cappello around the capital during the two days of the summit. The stages have not been disclosed, although some rumors speak of visits to the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum, the Imperial Forums, the Sistine Chapel and the Casino del Bel Respiro in Villa Pamphilj. The group should then participate in the visit to the Baths of Diocletian and the dinner at the Quirinale with the head of state Sergio Mattarella, together with their respective husbands and their respective wives.