G20 Rome, from the climate to the pandemic: Draghi’s role and challenges

The premier will be the host of the summit in the capital on 30 and 31 October. A delicate international test, in which he will be called to direct a debate in which different positions will emerge on crucial issues. On the one hand it will be able to count on the axis with the EU and the US, on the other hand it will have to deal with the unknowns Russia and China

International political spotlights on Mario Draghi and Italy: the premier will be the host of the G20 in Rome on 30 and 31 October. A key summit that of the capital, in which the Group of 20 will return to meet again live, after last year the summit, chaired by Saudi Arabia, was only virtual due to Covid-19. The pandemic will be one of the key issues, both from a health and economic point of view. The heads of state and government, with EU representatives, will also be called upon to discuss the climate crisis and the Afghanistan issue. The latter has already been at the center of an extraordinary G20, wanted by Draghi, which was a sort of prologue to the challenge that awaits the Italian premier: that of directing and finding the square of a delicate debate, in which positions will emerge. different (G20 ROME, EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW – THE MEMBER COUNTRIES – THE LOCATION – THE PARTICIPATING LEADERS – THE BIDEN AGENDA – THE TOP FROM 2008 TO TODAY – THE SPECIAL – ALL AREAS OF ROME AFFECTED BY RESTRICTIONS) .

The extraordinary G20 on Afghanistan

The former president of the European Central Bank has already underlined, during the approach stages, the importance of the participation of all the world powers in the Roman appointment. “It is essential that Russia and China participate in the G20”, said the premier at the end of the extraordinary G20 on Afghanistan last 12 October, wanted by Italy and ended with a mandate to the United Nations to coordinate the response and to act even directly. “Everyone is aware that on issues such as climate, the participation of these countries is necessary”, as well as “India”, given that – the premier highlighted – these are “problems that go beyond national borders, to be addressed in fora international “.

The unknowns Russia and China

An appeal that appears to have been picked up, in part, by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who had a telephone conversation with Draghi on Tuesday. “Preparations for the next G20 summit were discussed. Putin complimented Italy’s G20 presidency and he said he was ready to participate in the summit via video link, “the Kremlin press service reported in a statement. In short, Putin will not be at the EUR, but he seems to have granted an opening. It remains to be seen how China will behave. Xi Jinping, who sent Foreign Minister Wang Yi by videoconference at the summit on Afghanistan, will probably not show up in Rome.

The climate challenge

The President of the Council renewed the appeal last Wednesday, during the communications to Parliament ahead of the European Council last week. “Without the involvement of the world’s major economies we will not be able to comply with the Paris agreements and contain global warming to one and a half degrees. The European Union is responsible for just 8% of global emissions. The G20 countries as a whole they produce about three quarters of the total. The climate crisis can only be managed if all major global players decide to act incisively, coordinated and simultaneously, “he explained. On the occasion, Draghi also announced that the G20 in Rome will be crucial because “some of the negotiations that will take place during the COP26 in Glasgow, for which Italy is in partnership with the United Kingdom” will be anticipated.

The axis with the EU and the USA

While on the one hand there is uncertainty linked to China and Russia, on the other Draghi can count on the support of Western leaders, with the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen who has already illustrated the Brussels line at the Roman summit, especially for regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. “In addition to exports, the EU is doing its part: we will donate at least 500 million doses to the most vulnerable, but other countries must come forward. For this – said von der Leyen – I will work closely with Prime Minister Draghi and President Biden to gather G20 leaders next week at the Rome summit, behind the ambitious goal of defeating the global pandemic “. Biden himself will arrive in the capital the day before the start of the summit and will be received at Palazzo Chigi for an interview. A sign that Draghi is in front of an important match, but he is not alone.