G7 2024, the announcement of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni: “It will be in Puglia”

Some rumors suggest that it will not be a city, but a place that also allows easier management of issues related to the security of delegations

Puglia will host the next Italian-led G7 to be held in the second half of June 2024, “after the European vote”. The announcement came from Hiroshima from Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni who did not want to add details on the location that will host the summit. Some indiscretions, however, suggest that it will not be a city, but a place that on the one hand allows for easier management of issues related to the security of the delegations, and on the other is at the center of one of the most beautiful and characteristic areas of the region . (THE POPE’S WISH)

The statements

“I’ll tell you the precise location next time – said Meloni – there’s time, it’s in a year. I have it, but I prefer to tell you next time”. The announcement at a press conference in Japan was preceded by a few minutes by a phone call to the president of the Region Michele Emiliano who thanked the premier “for the great recognition that the Italian government has given us all with this choice”. “We chose Puglia as the seat of the G7 – Meloni explained from Hiroshima – because historically it has served as a bridge: even Francis chose it for an unprecedented event, a symbolic land of dialogue between East and West”. In fact, Pope Francis twice chose Puglia and in particular Bari as the venue for events relevant to ecumenical dialogue and between the shores of the Mediterranean: on 7 July 2018 the meeting was held there with the heads of the Orthodox Churches, Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholics, while two years later, on February 23, 2020, Bari was the site of the “Mediterranean Frontier of Peace” event, where the Pope called all the bishops of the Mediterranean to gather. A few years earlier, in May 2017, Bari had hosted the G7 finance ministerial meeting. “An extraordinary recognition – said Emiliano – of the work that Puglia has carried out with reference to the dialogue between East and West, in permanent connection with Pope Francis, and of our ability to welcome all the peoples of the world”. The “non-randomness of the choice” was underlined by the Undersecretary to the Prime Minister Alfredo Mantovano, while Minister Raffaele Fitto (both are from Puglia) spoke of “Italy’s central role in the Mediterranean and in the world”.