G7, Foreign Ministers: “Support for Ukraine, humanitarian pauses in Gaza”

The final document of the ministers meeting in Japan

“Our firm commitment to support Ukraine’s struggle for its independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity will never waver.” This is what we read in final document of the G7 Foreign Ministers meeting in Tokyo. “We continue to condemn Russia’s aggression in the strongest terms and pledge to support Ukraine for as long as necessary, increasing economic pressure and imposing robust sanctions and other restrictions against Russia. A just and lasting peace cannot be achieved without the immediate, complete and unconditional withdrawal of Russia’s troops and military equipment from the internationally recognized territory of Ukraine – it continues – We continue to support Ukraine in the further development of President Volodymyr’s Peace Formula Zelensky. We are intensifying our efforts to help Ukraine meet its winterization needs, as we continue to provide crucial energy assistance.”

“We reiterate our appeal to third parties to immediately stop material support for Russia’s aggression, otherwise – it continues – Russia must cease its aggression and must answer for the legal consequences of all its illicit acts at the international, including compensation for damage caused to Ukraine”.

“In light of the urgency to stop Russia’s attempts to destroy the Ukrainian economy and Russia’s continued failure to comply with its obligations under international law, we are exploring all possible avenues to help Ukraine, in line with the our respective legal systems and with international law. We reaffirm that in line with our respective legal systems, Russia’s sovereign assets in our jurisdictions will remain blocked until Russia pays for the damage it has caused to Ukraine.”

Renewed “the commitment to support the immediate recovery and reconstruction of Ukraine”, while underlining “the importance that Ukraine continues to implement internal reform efforts, in particular in the sectors of anti-corruption, judicial system reform , decentralization and the promotion of the rule of law”. Furthermore, “the commitment to address the growing needs of countries and vulnerable populations affected by Russia’s aggression” is reiterated. “Russia’s use of food as a weapon has worsened economic vulnerabilities, exacerbated already dire humanitarian crises and intensified food insecurity and malnutrition around the world,” it said. “We deplore Russia’s systematic attack on Ukrainian seaports.” Black and civil infrastructure”. “We continue to reduce our dependence on Russian energy, so that Russia is no longer able to weaponize its energy resources against us. We are committed to working with countries around the world to strengthen food and energy security global”.

Israel and Gaza: “We support humanitarian pauses”

​On the front of the war between Israel and Hamas, the G7 foreign ministers meeting in Tokyo underline “the need for urgent action to address the worsening humanitarian crisis in Gaza”. “All parties must allow unhindered humanitarian support for civilians, including food, water, medical care, fuel, shelter and access for humanitarian workers – reads the final document – ​​We support humanitarian pauses and corridors to facilitate necessary assistance urgently, the movement of civilians and the release of hostages. Foreign citizens must also be allowed to continue to leave.”

“We underline the importance of the protection of civilians and respect for international law, in particular international humanitarian law. Since 7 October, the G7 members have pledged an additional $500 million for the Palestinian population, including through UN agencies and other humanitarian actors – we read again in the final declaration – We ask countries around the world to join us in this effort. We welcome the international conference on 9 November in Paris on the humanitarian situation”.

“We unequivocally condemn the terrorist attacks by Hamas and others in Israel that began on 7 October 2023 and the continued missile attacks against Israel. We underline Israel’s right to defend itself and defend its population in line with international law,” the words in the document.

The G7 Foreign Ministers also call for “the immediate release of all hostages without preconditions”. We therefore extend “solidarity and condolences to the victims of these attacks and their families, as well as to all civilians, Palestinians, Israelis and others, including our citizens, who died or were injured during this conflict”. “Israelis and Palestinians have an equal right to live in security, dignity and peace.”

“The increase in extremist violence committed by settlers against Palestinians is unacceptable, undermines security in the West Bank and threatens the prospects for lasting peace,” it continues.

G7 members, “together with partners in the region, are working intensively to avoid a further escalation of the conflict and a wider spread. We are also working together, including by imposing sanctions and other measures, to deny Hamas the ability to collect and use funds to carry out atrocities.”