G7, foreign ministers: “Those who help Moscow will pay a heavy price”

Countries that provide assistance to Russia for the war in Ukraine will pay a “heavy price”. So the G7 foreign ministers, after two days of meetings in Japan, took a stand against the war that has been involving Moscow and Kiev for more than a year. The statement released by senior diplomats also reads the desire to strengthen the application of sanctions already taken against Russia: in fact, Moscow’s announcement of its intention to send nuclear weapons to Belarus is “unacceptable”. (RUSSIA-UKRAINE WAR. THE SPECIAL – LIVE UPDATES)

G7: “Enough violence in Sudan”

The situation in Sudan, where clashes between the regular army and paramilitary forces have killed nearly 200 people since last Saturday, is worrying international politics. The heads of diplomacy from the main industrialized countries have urged “all parties to put an immediate end to the violence, to ease tensions and to restore civilian government in Sudan”.

G7: “No to China’s militarization of Taiwan”

Also on the table at the summit in Japan is North Korea, to which the ministers have addressed asking to “abstain” from any further nuclear test or ballistic missile launch otherwise it will face a “robust” response. The situation in Taiwan was also at the center of the discussions of the foreign ministers, who they insist that “there is no change in the basic positions on Taiwan, including the declared ‘One China’ policies”, but oppose Beijing’s “militarization activities” in the South China Sea. In a statement released after the two-day ministerial talks in Karuizawa, Japan, the sides reiterated that “there is no legal basis for China’s extensive maritime claims in the South China Sea”, expressing opposition “to China’s militarization activities China in the region”.