G8, continued mobilization in France for former no global Vecchi: Cassation decision awaited on 11

The mobilization in support of Vincenzo Vecchi continues in France, the former Italian no global wanted for the facts of the G8 in Genoa in 2001 and who was arrested in France in August 2019 after an 8-year inaction. Today at the initiative of the leftist deputy Nupes Pierre Dharréville a press conference was held at the Assemblée Nationale, seat of the French Chamber of Deputies, which saw the participation of about twenty transalpine parliamentarians including Danièle Obono (La France Insoumise, Nupes ), the leader of La France Insoumise Jean – Luc Mélenchon but also Eric Vuillard, the French writer and filmmaker who in 2017 who won the prestigious Goncourt literary prize for his novel ‘The agenda’.

The Solidarity Committee with Vecchi remains mobilized in view of the hearing of the French Court of Cassation which will decide on the possible extradition of Vecchi to Italy. On November 6, 2020, the Prosecutor had decided to appeal to the Supreme Court against the decision of the Court of Appeal of Angers which had not recognized the crime of devastation and looting. The Angers Court had instead recognized two other convictions, for the assault on a photographer and the possession of a Molotov cocktail, according to which Vecchi would still have to serve a further sentence of 1 year, 2 months and 23 days, in France. or in Italy.

Last July the European Court of Justice, which had been requested by the French Court of Cassation, issued an opinion in which it stressed that France could not oppose the execution of the European arrest warrant and therefore the extradition of Vecchi. In an appeal published yesterday by ‘Le Monde’ intellectuals including Vuillard but also the writers Annie Ernaux, Pierre Le Maitre and director Robert Guédiguian, asked “the French justice and the Court of Cassation to assume the role of protector of fundamental rights, confirming the decision of the Angers Court of Appeal and judging the European arrest warrant to be irregular “.