Gabriel Garko presents book to the Chamber: “Influencer? No, apprentice”

Sunglasses, rebellious quiff and impeccable dress code. Gabriel Garko protagonist for a day at the Chamber of Deputies, during the presentation in the press room at Montecitorio of the novel “Il Giardino del Tiglio” written together with Gino Saladini. An occasion that sees politicians and entertainment ‘celebrities’ such as Milly Carlucci and Anna Safroncik alternate. Influencers? “I believe in hard work,” says Garko interviewed by Caludia Conte. Homophobia? “Of course it exists in Italy.” Surrogacy? “Honestly, I don’t know.”

The interview

“If you start directly from the top, from the attic, sooner or later you will collapse” warns Garko then. The tragedy of the restaurateur who died after the attacks on social media is also addressed: “I hope soon for a law that forces anyone who opens a social profile to attach a document. In this way the haters would be much fewer”, claims the actor. A dream in the drawer? “Being the director of the film based on my novel”, a book which also talks about Alzheimer’s disease. The reason? “Why not?”, replies Garko after the presentation.

Claudia Conte’s statement

“I read the new novel by Gabriel Garko and Gino Saladini without prejudice but with great curiosity. I share with Gabriel Garko the drama of Alzheimer’s that took my grandmother away a few months ago. I still haven’t recovered. Alzheimer’s is a real tragedy, constantly increasing, it affects 600,000 people in Italy, and there are still no cures. Reading the book I relived my family’s history. I was moved and I hope it will soon become a film” these are the words of Claudia Conte commenting on the book “The lime garden”.