Gaffe on TV: Greco becomes ‘Negro’, suspended commentator

The episode during the Serie C match between Trento and Vicenza

A slip repeated several times: the footballer’s name is Freddi Greco but the commentator calls him Negro. An apology is not enough, the suspension is triggered. The episode happened during the commentary of the Serie C match between Trento and Vicenza broadcast by Eleven Sports. Vicenza has published the broadcaster’s note in relation to the matter on its website. “In reference to the unfortunate episode that occurred during the live streaming of the Serie C match between Trento and Vicenza and which involved a commentator who collaborates with Eleven, who confused the surname of the player Freddi Greco with another surname (however frequent among Serie C clubs) clearly misunderstood, Eleven Sports first of all intends to apologize to all the parties involved and who have felt somehow injured, first of all with the Vicenza player, Freddi Greco. Jean Freddi Pascal Greco, 21, is originally from Madagascar. The midfielder grew up in the Roma youth sector and joined Vicenza after his experiences at Pordenone and Catania.

“Although the incident can be traced back to a very serious negligence on the part of the collaborator, we feel we can affirm – with certainty – that no racist background is hidden behind this episode and it would not be correct to consider it in any other guise, far from both the modus operandi by Eleven Sports and by that of the commentator himself. Unfortunately, it was an unforgivable slip by the commentator, who promptly corrected himself a few seconds later.

“The collaborator in question, who commented with professionalism and punctuality on many Serie C matches during the previous seasons, has already sent his apologies to the Vicenza club and to the player. Despite having understood his reasons and accepted his apologies “, the collaboration with the commentator was promptly suspended. Over the years, Eleven Sports has concretely condemned any type of discrimination and will continue to do so, in defense of the healthiest values ​​of sport and beyond”, concludes the broadcaster.