Gal Hirsch, who is the man who will have to recover the Israeli hostages

He is the man who Benjamin Netanyahu entrusted with the task of handling the hostage situation (WHAT WE KNOW). Gal Hirsch, a former Special Forces officer and retired general, is now tasked with coordinating efforts to abducted and missing about 130 people, acknowledging that he is working “in the middle of this difficult war.” The Israeli government is working to obtain a “complete evolution” of the situation of the hostages captured by Hamas – Hirsch said – promising to create “an effective mechanism” to help “all families anxious about the fate of their loved ones”. (MIDDLE EAST WAR – THE LIVEBLOG).

The father of the “lethal black swan”

According to what was reported by the Corriere della Sera Nine years ago Hirsch wrote an essay on military theory in an armed forces magazine regarding Israeli tactics: “In facing an enemy who operates among the civilian population, we must develop our lethal black swan, which acts in the fourth dimension, the of uncertainty, illegality and disorder, outside of accepted and predictable conceptual models”. Hirsch is a former officer of the Shaldag (special unit), who retired at the age of 42, a few months after the end of the second Lebanon war between July and August 2006, because he was considered partly responsible for the failure. According to what the Courier writes, Netanyahu wanted him as police chief as early as 2015, but the American FBI’s accusation of having bribed a Georgian minister to obtain contracts for his security company, and the indictment for tax evasion in Israel, had the candidacy was scuttled.