Gala Caldirola raised the temperature in a lace ensemble

love life of Gala Caldirola continues to be questioned since the famous has not yet revealed to the media that she is in a relationship. The journalist Sergio Rojas revealed in his show “What I tell you” that they captured the famous woman with Mauricio Pinilla in a restaurant in the capital. “On Friday, Mauricio Pinilla goes out with Gala again. First they went to eat and then they went to Amanda, and they were not alone. They went with Sandra Pinilla, Claudia Pinilla, so we are talking about Gala becoming the sister-in-law,” confessed the communicator.

But that has not been all since this Christmas apparently they would have been together too. The Infama site published several images where you can see the scenarios where Caldirola and Pinilla have posed and they coincide with each other. First of all, the friend of the famous, Suro Solar, uploaded a story of instagram where it said its location: Chicureo. Coincidentally, it is where the sister of the former national team champion lives.

The post of Suro Solar in Chicureo. Source: Instagram @infama.c

Suro also published an image where a window with a brown frame and a yellow background light can be seen in the background. Once again there are coincidences: this is very similar to one that the sister of the ex-soccer player, Sandra Pinilla, has in her house. Another coincidence is the tiles. Those of Sandra’s home, where Mauricio would have spent it, are the same ones that appear in the photograph of Gala. This would not be striking since the influencer has a very good relationship with her other potential sister-in-law: Claudia Pinilla.

The floor of Sandra’s house. Source: Instagram @infama.c

“After you, every Christmas, the only thing I ask is that you never lack health and love. And above all, that I do not lack time to give you my protection. I enjoy every moment together and this collection of memories is my greatest treasure. Without a doubt, it The best thing about this story is that you are my partner #MerryChristmas” he wrote Gala In her last post, which her sister-in-law Claudia praised: “When you know how to be a good mother.”

The coincidences that would confirm that Gala Caldirola spent Christmas with Mauricio Pinilla and his family. Source: Instagram @infama.c

A few hours ago, the blonde shared a video on her Instagram feed titled “Sunset Light.” The model posed frontally enjoying the last rays of the sun wearing a nude lace bra. The publication of instagram He exceeded 21,500 likes and hid the comments, as he has done in all his photographs, so as not to receive criticism or questions about his private life.