Galaxy Watch5, our test of Samsung’s new smartwatch

Lightweight and super comfortable to wear, advanced features for health and sports monitoring, fast battery charging, shock-resistant display. These are the characteristics of the new Galaxy Watch5 from Samsung, presented to the public in the Unpacked event in August together with the older brother Galaxy Watch5 Pro and the Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4 folding smartphones (here our complete test). Galaxy Watch5 is a smartwatch designed, explain by Samsung, “to improve the user’s health and well-being habits thanks to insight intuitive, advanced functionality and ever wider potential ”. Let’s go and see how our test went, after more than a month with the watch on my wrist.

The main features

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 is very light: it weighs only 56 grams (including strap) and lightness turns into comfort when we wear it all day: if it were not for the notifications that make the watch vibrate we would forget we have it on our wrist. Available in 44 mm variants (Sapphire, Silver and Graphite colors that we tested) and in the smaller model with 40 mm case (Graphite, Pink Gold and Silver colors) it has a display protected by a sapphire crystal glass which offers greater external resistance than the previous model, while on the right side of the dial we find two function keys. The display is obviously touch and almost always behaves well (in some cases in our test we found the Watch a little unresponsive – but probably nothing that cannot be fixed with a software update). You can also use the clockwise or counterclockwise swipe on the bezel to scroll through the menus from top to bottom and vice versa.

Battery and operating system

Watch5 is equipped with a battery that, in our test, lasted an average of two days with the always on display off (with the display always active, a workout of about an hour and many daily notifications you arrive more or less in the morning. next one). To recharge the watch, with the cable included in the package, in our test we took about an hour and twenty minutes to go from 0 to 100%; thanks to the fast recharge functions, however, in thirty minutes you can go up from 0 to 50%, in an hour from 0 to 90%. Very good and bright display, clearly legible messages and notifications, One UI Watch 4.5 operating system really rich in functions. Among the many pre-installed apps we find the compass, the weather, the calendar, Samsung Pay to pay directly from the wrist, the inevitable alarm-timer-countdown-time zones, the music player and the photo gallery, the app to control the smartphone camera, voice recorder, Google Maps. Through the watch you can also make calls and answer the phone, read and reply to messages and consult notifications. Through the Play Store it is then possible to install numerous other apps (among these, just to mention the most famous, Smarthings to manage the smart home, YouTube Music, Spotify, Internet Samsung, Strava, Lifesum, adidas Running, MyFitness Pal, Sleep Cycle, Google Wallet). There are many options in the various menus, good and not too “intrusive” the vibration (you can also choose the intensity), many possibilities of choice and customization of the dials.

Health and sport

But the real selling point of this phone is its health and sports related features. Galaxy Watch5, they explain from Samsung, is equipped with the exclusive Samsung BioActive that uses a single dedicated chip to manage three sensors: optical for heart rate, electrical heart signal and bioelectrical impedance analysis. Through these sensors and related apps it is possible to monitor heart rate, blood oxygen levels, stress levels, blood pressure, it is also possible to carry out an electrocardiogram directly from the wrist. Also present – available to developers – a body temperature sensor with infrared technology. All these sensors together give a complete picture of the state of health through the measurement of body composition, and based on this picture it is possible to obtain advice, goals, personalized workouts, data on recovery after a workout from the watch. Speaking of sports and workouts, Watch5 can track dozens of activities including walking, running, cycling, hiking, swimming, treadmills, exercise bikes, weights just to name a few. There is also a running coach that offers personalized guidance and advice during training. Useful is the auto-tracking mode that is activated when the watch “understands”, for example, that we are taking a walk and starts recording our physical parameters. Watch5 is underwater and water resistant up to 5 atmospheres. Among the other functions available there is also the monitoring of food and water intake and that of sleep phases through a sort of scores (Sleep Scores) that offer the possibility to improve your rest (the mode is activated after about a week of use).

Verdict, availability and pricing

Our test month with the Galaxy Watch5 went very well. We found the watch very comfortable to wear, the many health monitoring functions useful, the fast battery charging very good while we have something to say about the duration of the same, which using the smartwatch a lot does not go beyond the full day. A “smart watch” that we certainly consider the best Android smartwatch on the market at the moment and that we would like to recommend above all to owners of Samsung smartphones, due to the various exclusive functions of the Galaxy ecosystem. In our opinion, competitive prices: Watch5 is sold in two versions, the Bluetooth-only one and the LTE one (which allows you to stay connected to the internet even without having the phone with you), starting from 299 euros to get up to 379 euros.

Pros and cons


  • Health and sports monitoring functionality
  • Comfortable and light to wear


  • With the display always on, lots of notifications and a workout, the battery life is about 30 hours