Game of Thrones, a fan draws the daughters of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen with AI

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Jon Snow, crouched in front of two little girls with unmistakable silver hair, affectionately observes the creatures, who hold a bouquet of flowers picked from the lush garden in the background in their hands. To illuminate the scene are not only the sun’s rays, but also fatherly love, because the little ones are daughters of the warrior of Winterfell and the Mother of Dragons Daenerys Targaryen, which they resemble like drops of water. The images, which grant the fans de Game of thrones to live the happy ending of love story between the two lovers, however, they are not the result of filming on the set of some sequel to the series, but the result of fan art made with AI by the Instagram user @jonerystargaryen who drew inspiration from the real features of the interpreters of the two characters, Emilia Clarke And Kit Harington. Thanks to digital composition techniques, the artist has revisited the finale of the show, which aired four years ago, and erased both Daenarys’ mad and destructive ambition for the Iron Throne and the painful sacrifice committed by her nephew-companion Jon , who placed the salvation of King’s Landing in a last, tragic kiss to his beloved, later killed by himself.


The user has imagined the different phases of the relationship between Daenerys and Jon after the narrow escape of the Dragonstone massacre, from the intense looks of passion between the two, to the tenderness reserved by the warrior for his future mother, up to the moments of leisure with the girls born from their happy relationship. At least in the virtual version, the family formed in the newfound peace of the Seven Kingdoms lets the dramatic and hasty epilogue of the TV series fade, which after eight seasons had left the fans dumbfounded. If the past adventures are now engraved in the memory of the spectators, however new plots are on the horizon: in fact, a new spin off on Jon Snow and the new prequel A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms.