Game of Thrones stars Rose Leslie and Kit Harington are expecting second child

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The family of Rose Leslie and Kit Harington expands: the couple, born on the set of Game of Thrones (Game of Thrones)is expecting her second child. Two years after their firstborn, the couple has decided to strengthen their union by welcoming another child into her life. Strangely due to how times have evolved and how it has become customary, this time the announcement did not come via social media but it was the actor who wanted to reveal the new arrival during the television interview with Jimmy Fallon. A real and pleasant surprise for fans of the couple, who are now waiting to see photos of Rose Leslie with the new baby bump and to know if she will be a boy or a girl.

Kit Harington’s announcement

In the prestigious living room of Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, Kit Harington broke the news in a very delicate way, revealing that their child “is going to have a shock, as he is about to get a little brother or sister”. Lots of applause received by the actor, who together with Rose Leslie is trying to make the eldest son understand that in a few months his life will change forever with the arrival of a new person in the family. But the little one, who is less than two years old, does not seem to have fully realized the novelty: “We are trying to prepare him. We point to Rose’s tummy and say: ‘Mother’s baby’. And he points to her tummy and says, ‘My baby.’” A more than understandable reaction for the little one, given his age, which shouldn’t be surprising but which certainly elicits more than a few smiles from his parents, at the height of their joy while waiting for their second child. And despite the insistence to also reveal the sex of the child, Kit Harington did not give in and did not want to reveal whether the next one will be a pink ribbon or a blue ribbon: “I’m pretty sure it’s… Nothing, come on, you’ll know Soon!”.

The meeting between the two stars

The two first met on the set of the second season of Game of thrones, in which they played lovers Jon Snow and Ygritte. Since then they have become inseparable and the first official couple sighting was in 2016, two years before the marriage which was celebrated in the church of Kirkton of Rayne, Scotland. In 2021 the joy of the first pregnancy and now the second, with a new baby in the family.