GameSir X2 Pro, the smartphone becomes a console

It has everything from the classic joypad, indeed it has two extra keys behind it: M1 and M2 to configure as you want.

The supplied case is very convenient for transport but also simply to protect GameSir X2 Pro from falls. In addition to the instruction manual and the spare lever rubbers, there is also a code inside to subscribe to a free month of Xbox Game Pass.

Efficient and performing

The handle is very comfortable to the touch, the USB port to connect the controller to the phone is not rigid but flexible and this makes inserting the smartphone very easy. Whether large or small is not a problem thanks to the elastic system. The USB output is also useful for recharging the smartphone even while playing. The controller has no battery and therefore absorbs that of the mobile phone.

GameSir X2 Pro is ready to use, unless you want to customize the key configuration from the official app.

The gaming experience is very fluid and the controller responds very well to the commands. The thumbsticks are also very precise. The cost of GameSir X2 Pro is almost 80 euros.

GameSir X2, Pros and cons


  • Turn your smartphone into a console
  • Comfortable


  • Dedicated app to improve