GammaDonna launches Fab50, a beacon on the most innovative female entrepreneurs

On the occasion of the World Entrepreneurs Day 2022, the GammaWoman launched its first Fab50 who turned on a beacon about 50 businesswomen Italians more innovative of the year, according to the historic Association that has been working for twenty years to reduce the gender gap in the socio-economic field. We start from the University of Trieste, where the PicoSats spinoff works to create compact satellites that make the space more accessible economically, then we fly to Puglia, in a 17th century farmhouse where agriculture and peasant culture are reinterpreted in an innovative way (Company Agricola Minoia), but also stops in Dubai, where Auge International does business by combining the study of languages ​​with mentoring and coaching techniques, while in Turin Syndiag applies artificial intelligence to ultrasound to facilitate the early diagnosis of ovarian cancer.

We also arrive in the province of Biella where B-Corp Ricehouse builds houses using secondary products of the rice industry: a virtuous example of circular economy that guarantees very high performance in terms of thermal and acoustic efficiency, living comfort, healthiness of the environments and eco compatibility. In common these entrepreneurial success stories have a high rate of innovation, almost all made in Italy and strictly guided by women. On the occasion of the World Day of Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs – just celebrated with the aim of promoting entrepreneurial spirit, leadership and innovation all over the world – the GammaDonna Association has thus launched its first Fab50 to tell fifty fabulous entrepreneurial stories of female innovation.

“The objective of this selection is to confirm once again, numbers in hand, that merit is genderless and creates value and work for the community” explained Valentina Parenti, president of GammaDonna. “When gender differences become irrelevant – and I mean along the entire value chain: from the idea through funding to strategic management – we will design our Fab50 even more satisfied, because it will finally be what we would like it to be already today, a playlist of exciting entrepreneurial stories to discover under the umbrella “, Valentina Parenti cuts short.