Gang violence in Milan, the two players: “Deleted video exonerates us”

Lucarelli and Apolloni: “We are innocent but repent for the vulgarity said”

A video, made with a mobile phone, and then deleted so as not to let his girlfriend find it could be the key defensive element for the Livorno players, Mattia Lucarelli and Federico Apolloni, under house arrest on charges of gang sexual assault on a 22-year-old American student. This was explained by the defender of the two young men, the lawyer Leonardo Cammarata.

Both spoke about the video during the guarantee interrogation before the investigating judge of Milan Sara Cipolla and the public prosecution, the prosecutors Alessia Menegazzo and Letizia Mannella, “took note and will carry out investigations, without media clamor. The famous ‘deleted’ video will be made IT checks”, explains the lawyer. “We have the videos, for better or for worse, and these return the complete context”, concludes the lawyer.

Mattia Lucarelli, who arrived accompanied by his father Cristiano in court in Milan, has always declared himself innocent. In addition to the two Livorno players, there are three other twenty-year-olds under investigation. According to the reconstructed victim, after accepting a ride in the car from the group of young people, she was allegedly raped in an apartment in the Piazzale Libia area.

“We are innocent, but we regret the offensive and vulgar words addressed to that foreign girl”. These are the words that, according to defender Cammarata, Lucarelli and Apolloni pronounced in their own defense in the guarantee interrogation.

“It was a liberation to be able to tell our story,” they say. Mattia answered his questions for about 90 minutes, the same time also for Federico, accompanied by his father and brother. Both tried to hide from the cameras on the seventh floor of the courthouse.

“The girl has always been consenting” so no violence took place. This is the testimony of the two boys, as reported by Lucarelli’s lawyer. “The girl has always agreed” with what happened in the evening between 26 and 27 March last said the two arrested who “explained the atmosphere of the evening, a very, very goliardic atmosphere” reports the lawyer.