Garbo establishes a Contact towards a new life: video

This is the video of Contactsecond single from my new album In the

Empty, which was released by Egea Music on April 21st. The word, the sound and the image board the aircraft of creativity to undertake

a long journey into deep space and finding yourself, “Someone” with whom

to compare ourselves to give meaning to our existence. This journey invites you on board

New Generations, because “children run on the street and know that at the end of the

long way there is light”. The search for life, ours and the “Other” one. So, the meaning

of our life, day by day, seeking and finding an important motivation, our real vocation, the courage to experiment, the profound dream to realize to make us people capable of giving ourselves and even more to others inner and real enrichment , growth of views, balance and harmony.

This is the purpose of existence that we pass down from generation to generation,

forever and For Always. One of the main objectives of the entire project Into the Void, is to achieve an ideal Space-Time curvature that allows us to cross and visualize past, present and future through sound, word and image; and all this in the space of a few minutes and seconds. Our body cannot travel at the speed of light, but the mind can. This is possible by using Art as a material that becomes a vehicle of transport. Space and time disappear and this allows us to “flip” between the Past and the Future, (with a transitory basis in the Present), when, where and how we want.

In this New Dimension there are no fashions, labels or genres. Here there is a New World with a New Human Being who brings with him the baggage of the values ​​of the past and his memory free of nostalgia, traveling towards a future to be enriched with new discoveries and experiences. In reality and in everyday life we ​​are floating in an enormous cultural and social void. All this causes tangible intellectual and physical loneliness. From here, very often, social discomfort arises, a feeling of failure, isolation and consequent attempt to escape from a reality that often appears surreal. I am a man of the “20th century” who reflects and lives these times, but everything can be overcome, and thus recreate the conditions for building new spaces and perspectives in the social culture which is then reflected in the daily life of each person. single individual.

The song Contact and related video also draw inspiration from certain cinema. THE

movie Contact And Signals from the Future they ideally serve as the backdrop to a theme

existential and vital where the questions overwhelm the few answers that being

human can give respect to their existence. “The children run into the street and they know that at the end there is light. Mothers can only watch, only watch… and so on, forever and ever again, for us… The ball rolls and goes right there, we can only watch, only watch… and the children go up, go up. .. and so always, forever and ever again… for us, for us”.