Garfield: A Tasty Mission, the trailer for the film due out in 2024

The lazy and greedy cat Garfieldprotagonist of the comic strips drawn in 1978 by Jim Davis, will return to the big screen in the new animated film Garfield: A greedy mission. Written by David Reynolds, former author of Finding Nemoand directed by Mark Dindal, former director of The Emperor’s New Groovethe film will also boast in the original version voice actors of excellence, respectively Chris Pratt for the feline protagonist and Samuel L. Jackson for his father Vic. As revealed by first trailer, the film will retrace the childhood of Garfield, a very small cat abandoned on the street. Thanks to the infallible nose for pizza, the cat will meet future master Jon which, as he is keen to specify, he himself decided to adopt. The quiet life of the cat, who hates Mondays, devours lasagna and escapes baths, will however be upset by the return of his father Vic, which will involve him and the trusty canine friend Odie on an uncomfortable adventure. The Garfield movie will be released in theaters in 2024.


The last episode of Garfield’s adventures will follow the first films Garfield – The Movie from 2004, dubbed by Bill Murrayand the sequel Garfield 2 in 2006. The two films that mixed live-action and CGI had achieved commercial success, despite mostly negative critical reception. The franchise has also inspired direct-to-video films such as Garfield with his paw free, Garfield and the Magic Pond And The Garfield Show.