Gargoyles: Heroes Awakens, a live action series is coming

Almost thirty years after its broadcast, the animated series Gargoyles – The heroes awaken he’s about to come back. This time, in live action form.

Two very well-known names are working on the project, Gary Dauberman and James Wanfamous for having collaborated on the horror saga Annabelle.

What we know about the live action series Gargoyles – The heroes awaken

Gary Dauberman will write the screenplay and executive produce the series with Atomic Monster James Wan and Michael Clear. The project, however, is in the very early stages of its development at Disney Branded Television.

The original series Gargoyles – Heroes Awakening it aired in Canada and the United States between 1994 and 1997. It has always been one of Disney’s boldest projects, characterized by a dark tone, intricate plots that span multiple episodes and complex subplots.

At the center of the narrative is a group of gargoyles, mythological creatures that turn to stone in the sunlight and live their lives during the night hours. After a sleep that lasted a millennium, they awaken in the contemporary world, specifically in New York City. And, after a series of adventures, they decide to use their powers to fight crime and protect the city.

Influenced by the works of William Shakespeare, Macbeth And A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the series is available in its entirety on Disney+.

Confirming the news of an upcoming live action series was Wan himself, who wrote on Instagram: “The Gargoyles are out of the bag! I’m excited to work with Gary again on this project: he’s a true fan!”.

Live actions in development

It’s not certain Gargoyles – The heroes awaken the only live action in development. It will arrive in theaters in March 2024 Snow Whitedirected by Marc Webb, starring Rachel Zegler as Snow White and Gal Gadot as the Evil Queen. In 2024 it is also expected Mufasa: the Lion Kingprequel to The Lion King, directed by Barry Jenkins. The live action of Lilo & Stich, which will see the return of the original voice of Stitch (Chris Sanders), while Lilo will be played by Maia Kealoha. Announced (and highly anticipated) are the live action of Herculesdirected by Guy Ritchie, and Oceaniaexpected for summer 2025.