Garrison explains why he left Amici and what relationship he is with Maria De Filippi

Garrison explains why he left Amici and what relationship he is with Maria De Filippi; the words of the beloved choreographer.

It was one of the faces of Friends of Maria De Filippi for many years. To him the task of teaching modern dance in the most famous school of TV from 2001 to 2018, the year in which he decided to leave the program.

Garrison to Friends (Credits Witty Tv)

That of Rochelle Garrison it was a goodbye that greatly saddened the fans of the show, who were very fond of the choreographer, who they then revised several times in the talent studio, in the following years, as a judge. But because the dance teacher decided to interrupt his adventure at Amici after all those years? It was he who revealed something more, during an interview with TV Blog. Here’s what he said he.

Friends, why did Garrison leave the talent? The whole truth

There is no lover of Friends who does not have Garrison Rochelle in his heart! The iconic and very likeable French choreographer was a teacher at the Canale 5 school for 18 years, before leaving the role in Maria De Filippi’s program. But what was the real reason that prompted Garrison to say enough to Amici? The answer came from him.

A decision made in agreement with Maria. I should have left two years earlier. In recent times andI’ve become sour and introverted, it was like when you break up at the end of a long love story, in which habit takes over ”. This is the real reason for Garrison Rochelle’s farewell to Amici. A farewell that did not in any way ruin his relationship with Maria De Filippi, who remained beautiful. In the interview, the choreographer recalled the surprise that the presenter organized a few months ago just for him, in Amici’s studio, on the occasion of her birthday: “A nice thought, even more so for someone like her who has so many things to think about”.

Garrison underlines how Maria is a family person for him and underlines his great ability to renew friends year after year, making the transmission evolve successfully. And on the possibility of returning in the role of professor to Amici, the 67-year-old revealed: “My heart would tell me not, but if she Maria she called me she would mean that she needs me. And if he needs me I’m already there. And not because of her power, but because I know that when Maria has something on her mind it means that 99% of it works ”.

garrison friends
Garrison Rochelle (Youtube Credits)

And you, do you remember the years in which Garrison was sitting behind the chair of Amici? Would you like to see him again in the role of teacher of prof in the talent show of Canale 5?