Gas bill, “3,100 euros spent by families in a year”

According to the analysis of

Over 3,100 eurosi.e. about 1,340 euros more than in 2021 (+76%); this is the total expenditure which, according to the analysis by Facile.ita typical household with a supply contract in the protected market had to bear last year to pay the electricity and gas bills.

Specifically, for electricity in 2022 the Italians budgeted around 1,320 euros, 109% more than in 2021, while for gas – also considering the December 2022 tariff – the increase was around 60%, with a bill that reached 1,790 euros.

“In 2022 – explains Mario Rasimelli, managing director utilities of – ​​Italian families had to deal with tariffs that were never so expensive and also for 2023 – despite some positive signs such as the drop in the price of electricity in market protected for the first quarter of the year – the factors of uncertainty remain numerous and bills high, therefore the advice is not to let your guard down, continue to be virtuous in the domestic sphere and monitor offers on the free market so as to seize any opportunities savings.